Sunday, 21 June 2009

i forgot it was sunday, damn.

Okay i don't have my blog because i forgot it was sunday so i shall enlighten you with the sham that is my relationship and tomorrow i shall edit this and put my blog underneath lol. :)

Kirsty n Dan are coming over for a drink tonight if you want to come do, if not i'll just ak someone else, let me know.

Michael Moore
18 June at 00:40
you know i had work i told you this earlier i'm sorry if i dissapoint you as a boyfriend you finished with me once sorry that i'm a fuck up i hope you have fun night. xxx

Jessica Brettle
18 June at 11:58
Well coming over after work has never bothered you before but whatever, don't speak to me like a dickhead and before you say you're not "you know i had work i told you this earlier" repeat that in your head and tell me it dosn't sound like you're spekaing to a child.

I never said you dissapointed me as a boyfriend or that you are a fuck up or anything of the sort, what the fuck is up with you seriously because i can't figure it out for the life of me but if i've done something wrong, dya fancy letting me know cuz i'm going outa my fucking mind here.

Oh & one last thing, don't call me at 1am.

Michael Moore
18 June at 14:17
i was just stating i said i was at work sorry nothings wrong with me i just can't figure out whats up with you. you've been acting weired and you had a go at me for wanting to know what wanted to talk about which you still haven't said anything about and you don't normally moan about me calling late i've done it before later in fact and you haven't said anything but if you dont want me to i wont

Jessica Brettle
18 June at 22:09
the only times uve called later is when uve been drunk so i cant really complain and i dont mind, but i dont like people foneing late when they dont have n e thing important to say and i havnt benn acting weird ive been acting the wa i normally do. i told u what i wanted to talk about wasnt important anymore and that it didnt matter, and i didnt have a go at you at all, i dont no whats going on but u seem different. come round and see me when u can i miss you.

Jessica Brettle
19 June at 14:03
Is there even any point in this?

Michael Moore
20 June at 01:07
is there even any point to what?

Jessica Brettle
20 June at 15:25
all of this? its ridiculous.
& incase you might possibly of been thinking of it, i can't see you tuesday, i have yc.

Michael Moore
20 June at 22:56
well i was thinking it but nevermind will see you whenever your free next

Jessica Brettle
20 June at 23:29
well ive been fre all week not that u bothered to ask. so fuck knows wen il c u nxt not that u seem to care so y shud i
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Michael Moore
Today at 13:12
well i haven't been free all week have i. sorry i just can't seem to do anything right. i don't know what the fuck is going on anymore. my head is all over the place and no one seems to care. im just at a loss with life, money and relationships. i'm pretty fucked up right now. sorry

Jessica Brettle
Today at 14:15
well i do fucking care and youd knw that if youd give me a chance. i guess il just wait around til u wana see me tho cuz it seems to be my only option atm.
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Michael Moore
Today at 15:01
i did give you a chance and you finished with me. just seems i'm always expected to lie down for you at a moments notice. yes i know i haven't been round but you haven't been round either you'd quite happily walk to ami's but i never see you at my door. i thought relationships were a two way thing. unless things hae changed.

Jessica Brettle
Today at 15:25
Owch. Thanks for that babe. Look yeah i fucked up and i fucked up big style do you not think i know that? But you've been funny with me ever since which yeah i do deserve i'm not debating that but what there any point in even asking me back out if this is the way its gunna be?

I've already told you i wont go to someones house unless i know there in 'cuz there's little point having countless panic attacks for no reason is there? If you want me to come round i will for fucks sake just give me a date and a fucking time.

I really dunno what you want me to say obviously i just fail miserably at this don't i atleast that seems to be what you think so what, dya wanna just forget it?

I came on to say that if you didn't mind spending a couple of hours with Kirsty and Dan while i'm at youth council then you can come over tuesday if you still want but it dosn't sound like you do.

Sorry that i'm obviously not what you wanted/expected.

Jessica Brettle
Today at 15:26
was there any point*

Jessica Brettle
Today at 15:36
and another thing, how is exactly that you're "always expected to lie down for me at a moments notice"?

'cuz there's something i really don't get, i guess though if you feel like that then you feel like that.

I love you but i really can't be bothered with all this shit my heads fucked enough as it is without your help.

So is there any chance of you letting$ me know what you want so i can get on with my life?

So, there ya go. opinions welcome.

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