Tuesday, 21 April 2009

What the fuck is this, seriously? Why, why is the hurting my ears?

We live on a mountain, right at the top, there's a beautiful view, from the top of the mountain, every morning i walk towards the edge, and throw little things off, like, car parts, bottles and cutlery, or whatever i find lying around...

Yes at twenty pasty seven in the morning i am sat blogging and listening to bjork and i am happy, though i am yet to make a cup of tea. I remember when i was younger and my dad used to listen to bjork all the time and i used to moan and complain and say things like "what the fuck is this, seriously?" and "why, why is she hurting my ears?" It wasn't very nice of me lol but hey, that was then, i actually quite like bjork very much now. I'm not sure what changed, anyway... Hello, good morning, today is today and that is always good. I have done most of what i need to do this morning well, i need to put some washing away and put another wash load on and have a shower and make up some bottles and by the sounds of that you would think that i have not actually done anything i need to do but i have fed Justin and done the washing up and changed the bin and wiped the sides down and well, yeah i guess thats it, i guess i could have/should have done more. Damn, what a shame. Oh well i've got about an hour atleast until Justin wakes up and i've not got any plans until half twelve, well i'm meeting Ami at half twelve so she can watch Justin while i nip round the shops so i need to leave mine at twelve and that is in like 4 and a half hours and well, that is a pretty damn long time. lol. I am yet again covered in pen, and also eyeliner because me and Mike decided drawing random things on eachother last night was a good idea and for once i'm pretty sure he started it... lol. I can never be sure mind, even though i just said i was, you know me, i like to write on myself... Strange child. I think that people who don't like bjork should listen to the lyrics of her songs because they are simply amazingly fantastic. I like bjork. Okay i'm done babbling now i should probably talk about something of importance but i can think of anything. I could tell you about the baby group yesterday, Zoie couldn't come because Chloe was asleep but it was still pretty good, we sang songs like nursery rhymes and i got a booklet of them so we can do it at home too and we did some signs and it dosn't matter if you miss the group one week because all the signs are repeated, we did please and thankyou which practically everyone knows and we did more and finished and clean and good and bad and nappy. :) It was really quite cool, apparently we're learning the signs that they do on something or other to do with cbeebies but i don't really know because i don't watch telly and even if i did i don't have any channels lol.
YOU FALL IN LOVE ZING BOOM THE SKY UP ABOVE ZING BOOM IS CAVING IN WOW BAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anyway... lol. I should probably go back to tidying up and getting ready and such but i simply cannot be bothered at the moment I just really can't i'm doing that thing again where i'm contemplating going back to bed and trying to convince myself it will all be good, problem is i am very convincing even though i know deep down that if i go back to bed then when i get up in about an hour i will be even more tired than i am now, infact i'm not even THAT tired right now i'm just, oh i don't really know, bored? I guess, saying that i just yawned such a huge yawn i nearly swallowed the laptop, no i'm kidding my mouth could never be that big, it's an old laptop.
THE SKY CAVES IN THE DEVIL CUTS LOOSE YOU BLOW BLOW BLOW BLOW YOUR FUSE WHEN YOU FALL IN LOVEEEEEE.... :) Mikes left his phone here but then again his battery is dead and he is coming back this afternoonish i think so i imagine it isn't really that bad. Lol i'm so poor and today is the only day this week that i am going to have money and i have to go and spend it all paying bills and buying food and fags lol. I had to borrow money of my dad last night at last minute because i ran out of tampons at like half nine and had to run to my dads and then to tesco's and i got there as they were shutting and had to beg them to please please please let me in and they did and i thanked them stupid amounts, imagine if i had got there a little bit later though, how shit would that have been? lol. I don't even know what i would have done i would have had to have convinced my dad to give me a lift to somewhere open i guess but either way it would have been highly traumatic lol.I have my cooking class tomorrow haha oddly enough i am actually slightly looking forward to it, but kind of not because i am petrified of burning the entire building down lol. I need to have a proper conversation with David and my dad about him moving in with me after he's done his GCSE's because i'm going to have to move out of here and into somewhere than will accomodate all of us lol. You know i still haven't received a reply off the college! :( Oh well, that my friend is life. I may pop into my dads before i go to meet Ami so i can make sure i have the correct amount of moneys in the bankeys anyway i think i am going to be off to make tea and smoke and tidy and shower and make bottles also. I'm going to have to make bottles before i make tea so the bottles aren't boiling hot, shame, i want tea. lol. Poor me, cyall later! x

Okay so Justin got up so i still haven't done all the things i need to do but i will i will, he's just gone to bed again now but he dosn't seem to keen on going back to sleep. we shall see i am still listening to bjork and i need to have a shower and sort out the washing and i'm pretty sure that is all i need to do other than obviously get dressed after my shower and dress Justin and such but i can't really get in the shower until Justin is sleeping and such i have a cup of tea now anyway so i shall drink my tea and blog and then i shall have a shower and get dressed and then we shall see what is going on with mr Justin pants because i can do the washing while he's up its just not as easy as when he's asleep and obviously while he's up i'd rather play with him lol so i end up getting ditracted by things like toy butterflys... :) I've been up since half five, an hour earlier than usual because Mike stopped and he had work at like half six so i got up early than usual and made him tea lol. and then because i was up i kind of woke Justin up, not in a nasty way like but he heard me skuttering about and woke up around six so he should be more tired than usual so i don't really understand why he isn't sleeping but hey, thats his choice lol. I kinda wish he would though otherwise he's going to be shattered later, he didn't sleep much yesterday either but we were out practically all day so that could be why lol. Did i tell you all that i've been reduced to having to buy gold classics off the fag lady because i can't even afford to smoke sterling and they're only £4.25 for twenty saying that i'm saving £1.25 per pack which is like £8.75 a week i think which is always good. lol. Wow i'm going to sneeze!!! I hate sneezing. Justins crying lots so i thought i'd go in to see him on the off chance that he wasn't actually tired so i'd just get him up and sort something out on the shower front but when i walked in his eyes were half shut and his eyes are all red from rubbing them so he's clearly shattered so god knows why he won't sleep lol! Saying that i gave him his dummy and a teddy and i haven't heard a peep from him since, it's still early times though, it's not even been 2 mins yet i don't think, well once i've finished my tea i'll go for a shower anyway. I've got to leave in an hour! shocking where did the time go? Seriously! lol i hate it when that happens i really do. Okay so it's going to take me 5 mins to finish my tea and post this and then i would say i'll only be a min in the shower but i have sperm to wash out of my hair and pen to wash off my face and such so i may be longer than usual in the shower, ew my hair is going to be wet when i leave because i don't have a hair dryer and i didn't have a shower earlier this morning, i knew there was a reason i needed to have my shower early today, damn it. Oh well, i'll wear a hat, saying that i've wore a hat every day for ages, well since friday so wearing a hat isn't treally a major problem, what is a major problem is the fact that Justin's crying again and theres nothing wrong with him bar the fact that he is tired, damn it. Right i'm going to post this and if he is still crying when i am done i shall check his nappy even though i only changed it about half hour ago or something and then i will shower and dress and do the washing and dress Justin and get him in the pram and then i will leave and walk down to Aldi to meet Ami and hope to god that Ami has not forgotten/gone back to bed because its fucking murder trying to do shopping with a pram! lol i must remember to take my own bags simply because i cann't afford to waste valuable shopping money on buying a bag lol! Especially because i'm going to have to get a taxi back from the shops because i am a tard that can not carry lots of bags, not a proper mom yet! haha. Justins asleep, i've finished my tea so i guess i'm good to go... ly :)

I am at my dads, it is very hot, Justin hates it and is at home being watched by Kirsty wearing simply a nappy and also i am poor, i camn't affored to keep going online and blogging, so i guess the blog is only slightly back, ly all. x

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