Monday, 20 April 2009

rushed ronannudeosity with tea.

Even though i try to i can't stop thinking about you i can't stop thinking about you no matter how hard i try, hard i try.
I thought i would do everything i had to do before i blogged, which was a good idea because now everything is done and i am blogging and i don't have to leave mine for another half hour ish saying that Zoie hasn't text me back and i have a feeling she is going to get up late and not end up meeting me but oh well i will go alone if that is the case but i hope not, going to my nans afterwards aswell. :) I don't think i blogged yesterday or saturday did i? I'm not sure but i stayed with Mike saturday and i really did have a lovely weekend. :D Justins back all happy and merry and we are going to baby signing group shorly, my brother came over yesterday and him and Mike bullied me as per usual (on the offchance that anyone thinks i'm being serious, they're only messing about LOL) I have spent the majority of the morning this morning listening to boyzone and dancing around the house nude drinking tea, it has been amazing lol. Justin is still asleep i'm hoping he wakes up in time for me to dress him and leave because i hate waking him up, i feel mean lol. Oooh Zoie just text me back so all is well and good i just have to remember not to have a cup of tea at the childrens center because it is supertastically vile, saying that i don't have 20p anyway, yes, i am THAT poor! lol. But my money comes in tomorrow so things should be alright i hope/think lol. I've worked out that things should be alright anyway lol. I have a majorly unhealthy obsession with boyzone. :D Haha whenever i hear boyzone now i think of Mike because he brought me the cd lmao, how lolable is my life? Saying that i've been texting Ami this morning about the innapropriateness of all rising at work and the relationship destroyingness of shabooming while someone sleeps... haha. Post secrets we're nice yesterday but they've been nicer i really liked the leaf ones not this week, last week and the week before lol. I finished reading non fiction that Ami lent me by the way, Louisa is going to lend me catcher in the rye in exchange for the perks of being a wallflower. :D Me and Sydney are supposed to be doing a car boot soon because we both have shit loads of stuff that we don't use/need, slight problem being that neither of us have a car or can drive... haha. Ami made me a disk saturday of the pictures we took in stratford but it wont work on my laptop for some unknown reason so i've decided to take it to my nans with me in a bit but i've just realised that i can't for the life of me remember where the hell it is! :( Bollocks, lol. Ohhh, i have tea i almost forgot. Gosh i'm skipping like a skippy thing today arent i lol. I don't think i've actually wrote about one thing for longer than a sentance or two, oh well. I hope its not too hard to follow. I'm just in a super happy mood. lol. I'm seeing Mike later when he finishes work and that makes me happy. :D I borrowed some cd's off my dad so i'm merry in the music sence of life too, i borrowed the corrs, the cranberries, bjork, puddle of mudd & queens of the stone age. and i have 101 party hits and obviously my boyzone cd... :D Happyness to the max. :) I asked my dad if he would lend me the money to buy my wardrobe and i would pay him back bit by bit and he said he would think about it and then said that he is going to ikea some time soon and that if i want he will get me a cheap wardrobe from ikea and i won't have to pay him back... So thats pretty wicked because well, it means i'll hopefully be getting a wardrobe soon, i don't really care how big it is or what it looks like i just need one lol, i could do with some draws too though, i'll get in touch with bob again and see if he's been able to find me anything. You never know with bob, most the stuff i have here is off either bob, my nan or my auntie either that or ikea lol. I got my bed of Carly, my chair thingy off my dad i got two tables a tv unit a stool thingy a chair and a chest thingy off my nan and bob... lol, i'm sure you get the picture. WANK i need to leave in ten mins and Justin is still asleep so i'm going to go and get him dressed and then well, leave lol. Love to all. :D

So far the only way to describe my day is rushed ronannudeosity with tea.

Getting the stratford pictures off Zoies facebook now... :) (am at my nans) The baby signing group went really well Zoie couldn't come but it was good anyway, lots of nursery rhymes and fun. I was the youngest there though i guess that was to be expected. Okay, heres lots of pictures...

There you go. :)

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