Thursday, 16 April 2009

Quick post no time to find a quote.

Well i thought i'd post really quick while i am at my nans just to say hello all i am alive and well, me and Mike are still going great, i am still friends with all my friends Justin is still perfect and amazing, i am still poor as ever and me and Zoie went to baby group today but it was canceled.

I'm reading a new book by Chuck i can't spell his last name, it's called non fiction and i like it, it stops me reading perks anyway which i have read six times this month alone!

I think i broke my sholder having sex last night, which is a pointless bit of information but i thought i would let you know for shits and giggles.

I was supposed to be meeting my mom today but she's not very well so i'm seeing her next week instead i think.

As part of my support at bromford housing i'm doing a cooking course and also a ten week parenting course, also we're going to western in the summer.

Me Zoie Ami & Cathryn are all going to stratford tomorrow which should be nice providing the weather is, it's pissing it down today, i look like a drowned rat & the thunder yesterday was horrendous.

I spent easter dressed as a blues brother with Ami singing and dancing for our own amusment.

I wish i could blog every day, i bet i don't even have readers anymore. Unless people have subscriptions and therefore know when i post.

Anyway i should probably go, love to all.

I can't really do the quote thing anymore simply because it takes up too much internet time to find a good one and well i simply cannot afford to spend a very long time on the internet, but i've borrowed an old laptop of my dad and i am back for i do not know how long, so, hello again for the thousandth time, how are you all?

I've just spent ages drinking and remeniscing with Kirsty which was pretty good and trying to download msn onto this laptop but it wont take it and has a total spazm whenever i try, sad times really, it gets to about 90% and restarts! Silly laptop, silly silly thing, i think i should probably go to bed, i'm going to stratford tomorrow, should be nice, i hope, going with Zoie and Ami and Cathryn and obviously Chloe and Justin. :D How lovely.

Right fag times and then i think i am going to have to go and suicide. (by that i simply mean sleep.)
Yes, goodbye. :D

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