Tuesday, 3 March 2009

You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.

You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty. - Mohandas K. Gandhi.

Well thank the lord for that, my laptop wouldn't come on for a while there, i was very concerned. lol. Wow, i have mucho's tidying to do and i simply can not be bothered, i'm not being a tramp like, i've done the important things like the washing up and stuff i just can't be bothered with general tidying especially considering me and Ami will be sorting through my clothes and such today so we're only going to make an even bigger mess, it's just easier if i do a big tidy up later lol. I'm going to sort through Justins stuff too because i have like a million things that are far too small for him that i can give to Eileen and if she has a boy she can have it all and if not she can have all the unisex stuff, the rest i'll just chuck on ebay lol. I'm so tired this morning it is untrue lol. Justins supposed to be napping but he is chatting away merrily in his basket instead so i haven't even managed to have a shower yet Ami should be here within the next twenty mins ish though so i may have to make her watch him for a bit while i shower lol. Apparently it's pissing it down (according to Ami) but i see no rain through my window lmao. How odd, i have the rain cover all sorted now anyways though so even if it is pissing it down i'm good. :) lol. God i smell bad, i really need a shower lol! Haha sad times i'm not seeing Mike now until erm, saturday night i think and thats if he comes to the pub with us, i think Ami, Cath, Carly & maybe Chad are coming. :) lol. And I'm not sure if i said or not but i'm having my rocky horror picture show party on the sunday, not sure who's coming to that either lol. Haha me and Ami are having a rather amusing and pecuiliar argument, apparently it is hammering it down at her house but it isn't raining here at all, we've both had to take photo's out of the window to prove it lmao, she's just waiting for her taxi now lol. I'm bored. lol. I'm going to buy a book today, a nice book, i'm not sure if i should buy a post secret book or something of the sort or an actual reading book, hmm. I imagine i will decide later but i refuse to buy another child called it type book because they are far too sad and depressing and i have thousands of them i have no clue why i read them, they are incredibly sad. I don't know what colour to get my wardrobe in, i already have a little shelfy thing in a beechish colour but i really like the chocolate but then, obviously, nothing will match and i will cry. lol. You know, i don't think i care, i'm going for the chocolate, even if it dosn't match i may aswell start getting things that i actually like instead of thinking, oh it will do for now because obviously when i move out of here and get my own place i'm going to be able to decorate and then i will want things that i want/like and i'm not exactly going to buy everything all over again just so it matches things and stuff, so yeah, chocolate it is. Oooh, here's an idea, maybe i should have a look on ebay for a wardrobe, actually, no, picking it up and such would be hell. lol and postage prices would make looking on ebay pointless and probably more expensive than buying from a catalogue, i might try some of the random furni shops just around like the one in chelmsley market or something? God knows, i actually quite like the set in argos, it's the same set i got with James in the house and it was quite nice to be fair. :) Ami's taxi still hasn't turned up lol. I'm going to be off anyway to make a cup of tea and well, thats about it lol. love ya all. x

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