Monday, 2 March 2009

There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.

There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so. - William shakespeare.

I've decided to start writing my blog out in notepad first and then copying and pasting it on the internet meaning i spend a minimum time online because if i go over my limit it is expensive lol. As if this is my first blog of the day and its already afternoon, that's shocking especially considering i've not even been back to bed lol. I didn't even go to sleep until about 3am then i got up at half 6ish to feed lilun and for some reason i'm tired but full of energy lol. I got my letter about my community care grant through today they're giving me around £300 which should be enough to get bits and bobs that i need lol, i hope. IKEA, all the way i think. I don't know though i will have to compare things. Last night was ace me and Lou watched life of brian and then we watched dirty dancing and Mike turned up half way through dirty dancing and it was just a merry ol time, i was in one of those moods where i just wanted to dance, so i did, fun times. I still am in that mood now, infact i've spent the morning dancing around the flat in heels and pants haha. Mikes gone home now not seeing him again until sunday i don't think lol. Need to go shopping in a bit once i've given Justin his half two feed, get soem bits and bobs in so i'm off to chelmsley wood and i bet i end up spending much more than i would like to. Damnit, i have a very unhealthy relationship with money (& clothes and shoes) I need to buy Milk lol i need to get a bit shop in but can't afford it until tomorrow and i'm busy tomorrow so i think it will have to be wednesday day obviously on the night its the ukyp thingy. Need to buy some new teats for Justin, the six month plus ones lol hopefully they will have them in boots because then i can get points on my boots card! :D yay. You know, i've almost smoked all of my vogues, the fags i swore never even to open, damnit i'm going to have to buy some more at some point in life and actually keep them forever, i think i'm going to start buying my fags in bulk, not bulk bulk but buying say 150 a week (thats 7 twenty packs and an emergency ten pack) instead of buying them daily because it usually means getting ten pounds out of the bank to spend like £5 of it and i always spend the rest on silly things that i just don't need. Justins moaning for england all of a sudden poor thing lol he's supposed to be napping, you never would have guessed bless him. Ahhh, there we go he's off now. lol. Bless his cotton socks, i might go ack to bed for an hour myself and then when i get up i have to go into chelmsley and such, i really want this new pram (it's a push chair thingy for 6m+) and it has cup holders and everything and it is only £25 but it was in the market so i'm not sure if it will still be there and if it is i can't get it until saturday anyway because i can't exactly push two prams around so i'd have to wait until i didn't have Justin, i don't know what i'd do with the pram i already have though, ebay perhaps, i'm not sure if it would go though because well, thats where i got it and it went for like £5 lol then again £5 is better than nothing really isn't it. :) I need a wardrobe SO bad, i think that's going to be the first thing i buy. I don't have an ikea cat though so i can't compare prices very well, i have argos and wilkinsons plus though so imma have a look in the wilko's one. I don't like argos, asda isn't bad 2bf. Damn, i've come to the conclusion that unless i can fit all of my clothes into a small wardrobe/win the lottery and buy the worlds most beautiful 4 door, 3 cupboard, 3 drawer wardrobe with vanity section mirror and light, TWICE. I'm going to have to get rid of some of my clothes, well, probably about half of, i'm actually really upset, i guess i'll have to sort through them and ebay them or something. Thats really not fair damnit! :'( lol. Anyway i'll blog later because i'm going for my hours nap now, love you all.

We never thought we'd get so troubled, we could never think that much, we should never get this back... I love Matchbox twenty :) lol. Today was stressful and confusing, first of all i left my bank card at home so had to come back for it and then when i got into chelsmley i realised i had lost my purse (it turned up in the bus stop thank god) so yeah, but Justin said mom, like proporly in chelmsley earlier and that lifted my mood no end. :) lol. Anyway i'm not here long tonight because i've decided to sort out my clothes and that me and Ami are doing it tomorrow too but i thought i'd try and get a start on things lol. Ohhh, (8)saturday nights alright for fighting... :) lol i'm in such a merry mood. I really badly want that big wardrobe but i can't work out how i could possibly afford it, i really don't think i can at all :( i've never been more tempted to get an argos card in my life lol. I wont though, dumb idea, still, it is a beautiful wardrobe. Lol io know myself too well to let myself do something like tatI'm so unsensible when it comes to money lol. Does Ikea have a website? that would be helpful right now because perhaps ikea does something better, lol then again i can't really spend too long online so it wouldn't be that helpful. Damnit. lol. I have washing up to do and bottles to make up just waiting for the kettle to cool down and once all is done i think i may go to sleep, i'm really tired and for some reason i really want to watch confessions of a teenage drama queen lol, only for the dance mat scene though, that is that film isn't it? I'm pretty sure it is but i could be wrong, it's lindsey lohan either way lol. I've just made a load of mash for Justin for the week so he better like it lol. For some reason today i really want to buy a pole and a dvd and learn to pole dance for the lolz! haha apparently its like amazing exercise and really good for like toning up and such, i'm genuinely contemplating it, obviously i'd have to save up considering they're like £100ish. haha god knows where i'd put it mind, main attraction in my living room? Knowing me i actually would though, then again also knowing me i would proably get bored of it within a week and nevr use it. I though that when i got a dance mat though and i did actually use that a fair bit, and i really really do want to tone up so fucks knows mayber i would use it, god knows i think its something i should probably think about after sorting everything else out lol. I'm having a rocky horror picture show party on sunday, i think, excited lol. If i can work out what to wearf anyway, oh how odd, Robyn just text me, haven't spoken to her in a little bit i think i'm supposed to be seeing her on thursday :D Funtimes, i need to get in touch with Keira and see her i haven't seen her in months!! It's shocking, infact i'm not even sure she's seen Justin! Actually yes, obvorse she has, but only when he was like a week or two old. lol. God, right now, i REALLY want a drink lol. Oh well, i'm good I'm good. lol :) I hate aving so many things to do that you don't know what to do first, it confuses and annoys me because i always end up doing nothing, or smoking ridiculous amounts and then doing one or two of the smaller unimportant things, or i will spend an entire day making a list of things i need to do lmfao, i always do that it really pisses me off haha. Oh my god, i just got mash in my eye and that is just very very upsetting lol, it actually stings quite a bit, damnit. Yeah, Robyn's just confirmed she's seing me thursday and obviously i'm seeing her wednesday anyway. I have a key working session tomorrow at the exact same time as my bloody doctors appointment which is a bitch i will have to ask Fran to rearrange the key working thing lol. Right then, i'm off to sort random things out and smoke and such i might be back later tonight but i wouldn't count on it because i'm exausted lol.

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