Sunday, 1 March 2009

Change your thoughts and you change your world.

Change your thoughts and you change your world. - Norman Vincent Peale.

Again with the only blogging in the morning thing, damnit. My plan last night was to go to bed early but it didn't happen, Me and Mike we're going to make a big big breakfast yesterday morning but we just could not be bothered so instead we had one for dinner, was lovellly. :) only i do not like mushrooms! haha. I'm sat here all merry with my cup of tea listening to tracy chapman and blogging and soon i am going to read this weeks new post secrets. :) Looking forward to seeing Lou later so hope she does/can come over. :D lol. Mike is actually going home today, not sure if he's coming back or not, he's got band practice and I'm not sure if he's coming back afterwards or not, i shall ask when he wakes up, lazy, being in bed at such a time, haha. I've tidied the entire kitchen this morning i really couldn't be bothered too last night, then again i usually leave this place in a mess over night just so i have something to do in the morning (tidy it up) because otherwise i'd go back to bed and i actually like getting/being up early. :) lol. What film did we watch last night now, damn it i can't remember, the one with matt damon in ahhh, the bourne supremacy, pretty good but i still think that matt damon is too young and cute looking to play a role like that, oh well lol. Me and Mike are going to fall out soon (in a jokey way clearly) because i don't like Tom Hanks that much and he hates the beastie boys! Lol. Oh dear. Oh yes, i've been meaning to blog about this for ages but for some reason haven't, i'm starting saving soon, i'm going to go accross europe and perhaps further and i'm (obviously) taking Justin with me, i think Ami is coming too, i'm not really sure on who's coming or not but i'd happily go alone, well, alone with Justin anyway so it's all good i just know i need to start saving and working out prices and such because it is not a pipe dream damnit, i've wanted to do it for like, ever infact my original plan when i was about thirteen was to go when i turned eighteen but obviously, i had Justin and i'm not going to take him while he's a baby i want him to be a bit bigger before we go, i want him to see the world and i want him to remember it. This is something i am determined to do. I don't want to have lived in such a beautiful world and never really seen/appreciated it. My only problem obviously is that fact that at the moment James has Justin every other saturday and i'm not exactly going to come back every two weeks so James can have Justin so i'm not sure how we would work around that but i honestly think he will give up soon enough so maybe it wont be a problem by the time i've saved, i'll keep you all updated, i'm going to make a nice big list of all the things i want to see. This really is something i'm desperate to do. Lol me and Mike were both in such bitchy and stubborn moods yesterday he said he bet i couldn't not speak to him for 5 mins so i did but half way through he said bet you couldn't for ten so i did and then he did it just to prove that it wasn't very nice haha bless us both, we're such loosers (in the cool oh my god you're a legend way obviously) lol. I may have to go and make myself another cup of tea in a moment, i need to make up some bottles anyway so i can't stay long. lol. I'm going to do my usual sunday funtimes thing and check post secrets and then put my favorite up here... :)

Okay so i have two favorites this week the first being this because it is just, so, beautiful.

and the next one being this because it is so appropriate to my life this week.

Seriously, you will laugh at the appropriateness.

I love that about post secret, somehow whenever you check it there is ALWAYS something up there that could be you, or is that just me? Well whatever either way it makes me happy when i realise that there's a million other people out there who have done and felt the same things that i have. :) We are all united in our thoughts, even if you're sane, you're really not, you still think like i do, i don't care what anyone says. I think you could pick ANYONE out of a crowd and find some kind of mental disorder, if you looked hard enough, obviously some are worse/more obvious than others but still. Hey, perhaps it's a secret consipracy to get everyone in the world on zombie drugs? Or maybe i'm being a bit too weird now? I'm not sure, i could be right, you really do never know. I want to read young and depressed in america (prozac nation) now but i don't have it, i'd settle for watching it, actually i'd be happy to watch it, Christina ricci is fit. Oh my gosh, i thought i'd imdb it to get a photo of christina ricci from the film only to find that Jason biggs is in it? Is he REALLY? Why do i not remember him in it? Oh god, yeah, CORSE he is, damnit i forgot that was him. I really fancy one of those nights where you stay up eating random food and watching that kind of film, infact right now there's a nice selection of films i would like to watch those being...
Standing still
Prozac nation
Girl interupted
Actually, the list is quite long so i wont carry on, but i want to watch beautiful and epic films with meaning and soul. Or, failing that, i'd like to read the books, only i do not own many beautiful books and the ones i do are either at James' or lost in a little bedroom in my flat that is filled with my things until i can get some appropriate storage, in other words, lost. Christina Ricci is beautiful, whenever i think of her though i also think of Thora Birch, who is also beautiful. :) So tis all good. lol. I'm still trying to get a photo of her from the film but i have also ended up searching standing still because for some reason noone has seen it and i do not understand because it is amazing and i can't remember who is in it or even what it is about bar the fact that it involves a wedding a prostitute and some lesbians (see why it's such a good film) I'm going to get the cast list up and the plot thingy and such.

"Micaeal (Adam Garcia) and Elise (Amy Adams) are about to get married. Their high school and college friends gather together for the wedding and resolve some issues. Lana (Mena Savuri) is in therapy and when Elise's ex (Lauren German) shows up from London she begins to realist what has been troubling her all these years. Involves a lot of drunkeness and some drug-use."

Jon Abrahams ... Pockets

Amy Adams ... Elise
Roger Avary ... Franklin Brauner

Xander Berkeley ... Jonathan

Ethan Embry ... Donovan

Adam Garcia ... Michael

Lauren German ... Jennifer

Colin Hanks ... Quentin

Melissa Sagemiller ... Samantha

Aaron Stanford ... Rich

Mena Suvari ... Lana

James Van Der Beek ... Simon

Marnette Patterson ... Sarah

And that's the cast. :) lol.
Oh yeah, now here is the cover for prozac nation with a naked christina ricci...

Don't worry, i know younguns read this, so there's no visable bits, shame. :) Haha PERVE!. :D

And on that note, i bid thee goodbye. :)

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