Saturday, 28 February 2009

The true way to soften one's troubles is to solace those of others.

The true way to soften one's troubles is to solace those of others. - Madame De Maintenon.

Good morning all. :) Why is it recently i only blog in the mornings?. Someone should text me in the afternoon evening and remind me to blog, haha otherwise you're only getting half the day, unless you don't mind? :P Bless Justin he's being a stroppy fuck this morning, or atleast he was he seems good now mind, oh god i was SO tired yesterday because i hadn't slept for like 4 days but i slept last night so it was good. Right before i start on today i guess i better fill you in on yesterday, Ami came over to babysit as you know and i went to the newington and it was truly upsetting there was a man in the waiting room sat opposite me and every so often he would mumble something to himself but every time he did he was getting louder and louder and i was sat there trying to read glamour magazine very uneasy lol. I always think when i go to places like that, what's wrong with these people (especially the ones that seem perfectly normal) and wonder if i'm as crazy as them, you know, i don't think i'm crazy at all, i think everyone's the same. So anyway i got back from the doctors and chilled and twas merry and then i went and took the morning after pill as i said i would :) (thank fuck) Took the mick though loads of waiting around and forms to fill in and such, saw Kurtis in town too :) Funtimes i love Kurtis haha. I was so tired yesterday i was actually ready for bed at like 8pm, didn't go though, stayed up with Mike chatting and drinking tea. :) It seems to be what we do. :) lol. I wont go through the conversation because again, private but what io will say is, LOL I'M SUCH A MAN.
Me - "It's amazing, like going out with my best friend"
Mike - "We pretty much just do everything we did before"
At the same time...
Mike - "Except now we talk on a deeper level"
Me - "Except now we have sex"

I'm looking forward to tomorrow i'm seeing my archie lou lou bear :D Not seen her in what feels like fucking years! lol.

I had an idea that i would do a daily topic thing and like, well not so much discuss it because obviously you can't have a discussion on your own but like, blog about it, write about it, whatever i even had the perfect first topic but i have completely forgotten what it was. What i will say mind is that i am really pissed off at the moment with girls, why is it we all seem to think it is perfectly okay to pray on eachothers insecurities i mean, everyone knows that everyone has insecurities yet we all still say bad things about people like, i hope she don't mind me saying this but Lou was on her way to work and some girls started yelling about how ugly and fat she was and i mean, what is the need for it? Does it actually make people feel good to make people feel bad, because if i'm honest i would rather tell a total stranger i like their hair/chat/shoes/whatever and make them smile than tell them they're fat/ugly. I mean if any one of those girls were Lou and Lou were them they'd be truely upset i don't care what anyone says even the most confident of people will get upset if they are in that situation so why do it? I mean surely there's more fun things to do than give total strangers complexes? It is so so discusting, makes me sick. I mean i know obviously not everyone is a size six supermodel but still, thing is Louisa fucking is! Shes tiny and she is beautiful both inside and out but these girls clearly didn't care who they were talking to, it's fucking sickening. Everyone is the world has feelings and insecurities even people that can be nasty and bitchy as everyone can be, i know i can be but, still, makes me sick, i don't think i can say anything more about it at the moment because i'm very pissed off. I'm thinking about maybe making my blog a little more interactive, which involves you (readers) i'm not sure what i want you to do just yet mind so, just watch this space. I need to have a shower and brush my teeth and make some breakfast oh and have a cigarette lol. Awhh Justin is on his playmat next to him being all merry and happy. :) bless. Oh, my internet STILL isn't working by the way, so pissed off. But i'm too happy to be pissed off, i don't care how cheesy this sounds, Mike is amazing and i'm so happy and so in love. :D Bye for now.

Oh by the way i have new reviews :) :)

With her shoes in her hands i am watching her dance As the hem of her dress gently kisses the grass.

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