Monday, 2 February 2009

We still do not know one thousandth of one percent of what nature has revealed to us.

We still do not know one thousandth of one percent of what nature has revealed to us. - Albert Einstien

Good morning all, how shocking Justin didn't get up until 8am this morning. I could get used to that lmao but i imagine he will be up at half 6 like usual tomorrow. lol. Its snowing! how amazing and there's actual snow on the ground too. I LOVEEE snow. :D Wow it's really really coming down thick good and proper, i'm well excited. lol. My dads babysitting tonight and i'm going to the cinema, quite happy. I got a text last night from james' mom saying that they want to have Justin for 2 nights a fortnight instead of three nights a week! So sorry amber i don't think i'll be able to come see you after all. Damnit lol. But i'm happy, more time with my babyyy. :) Right, i'm rushing round this morning because obviously Justin woke up later than usual but i imagine he will still want to get up around 9 half 9 so i need to have a quick time shower i've already washed bottles and i'm sterilising them at the moment i THINK thats all i need to do, quick time shower and dress and then i'll get munch up, i'll give him his half ten bottle at 11 and then feed him at half 2 like usual in an attempt to stick to routine but i can't see him drinking much at half ten, we shall see we shall see. I want to start giving him food with flavor soon, like banana or something but i think i'll give it a little bit first, maybe wait until i've moved into my new place, its been properly given to me now i just need to wait for them to do some safety checks and repairs, i may have already said that lol. It just depends though on how long it is going to take for my community care grant to come through because obviously i can't move in with no furniture lol. Anyways then i'm off to do everything i need to so in super sonic speed and then get Justin up, should be back later, don't miss me too much. I think i'm going to make some toast first. :) lol, damnit i wanted to wear heels tonight, no chance of heels in the snow! lolz!

The font of my blog has changed, i'm not sure how i did it because i didn't do anything different, but i like it anyway so it will probably stay this way. My ubercool cousin Lianne has a blog now, its rather interesting, once i have asked her permission i shall possibly link to it lol :) I have fallen in love with a lovely song it is...
Taylor Swift - Love story.
Very pretty song and video. Very pretty voice, happy me. Justin is having his lovely likkle nap bless him. I'm not sure if i want to brave the snow and go for a cigarette. lolz! But i am going to go now anyway after i've put this video in.

Turns out i've not gone yet because i expected Justin to be up but he isn't yet so i'm back, still listening to that song! i like it very much. Ami is coming over in a bit i think merryment. :D The snow is stupidly thick, it covers my feet, its FREEZING so now my feet are cold and either next door and doing work on the house or someone can snore for england!! lol. Amber is uber cool because she's made a mini snowman inside her house! lol. That is what you call awesome hang on imma have to upload the picture, i want to do one too. :'( lol

She made a snow castle too but it fell out of the window apparently, how hilarious! lmao.

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