Sunday, 1 February 2009

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. - Helen Keller.

I'm pretty sure i've used this quote before too but again i really like it lol. Well i feel much better this morning than i did yesterday but i'm still feeling terribly lousy. So ill infact that i actually got nocotine rush off my first fag of the day, how ridiculous, who gets nicky rush nowadays! lmao. I went to sleep at like 7pm last night i was feeling that rough which would have all been good but i woke up at like 2am and couldn't get back to sleep until about half 4 or something silly and then i woke up at 6:45 only to find that Justin was awake but wasn't moaning for his bottle or anything so i got up and gave it to him anyway and i've put him back to bed now, i need to wash up some bottles and have a shower, god i need a shower i actually feel discusting i didn't have one yesterday because i was feeling so crap and today i actually feel like there is a layer or dirt covering me, i feel gross so i imagine i will feel EVEN better once i've had a shower lol. Yesterday i felt like the walking dead but this morning i just feel abit under the weather so you know lol. post secrets are up so i guess they went up last night but i'm going to have a look at them now anyway and you know i'll put my favorite one(s) on here so hang on.
I think this one is my favorite this week, there's a few more on there that i like but they're not as good this week as they have been. I want to buy all the books, i love them. Lol. Post secret is amazing, Frank Warren is a genius. So wow, i'm sober this weekend because i have Justin lol it's great having him for longer than i thought i would, don't get me wrong i love it i just wish i'd been given a little more notice so i didn't have to just cancel all my plans like that lol. Apparently everything will be back to normal this weekend and he will be being picked up from the swimming baths at 2pm on friday. Lets hope so ey. I'm curious to see how many mins i have left on my phone actually lol conidering i only got my 500 back last week or the start of this week or whatever, i bet its under 100, i spend far too long on the phone lol! Oh fair enough, i have about 300 left, not bad not bad not bad at all. :) lol. Oh yeah that reminds me, don't ask why but it does lol. To my ubercool cousin, let me know when you're free next and you can come meet Justin lol. :) It's half term or something soon isn't it? You should come then lol. I can't believe its February already lol. Mikes birthday soon and my moms (considering they're the same date lol) and Ami's Like a week after lol, pressies to buy pressies to buyyy lol. My nose is all blocked up, it's horrible, i'm going to actually get dressed today and get Justin dressed and go to the shop and buy some red doritos and some tissues and some more baby milk because i'm running out, well i'm not i have a whole unopened tub left but i'm running out of the opened one and i like to always have atleast one unopened tub left does that make sense? I like to stock up basically, the amount of nappies and wipes i have is ridiculous lol! This whole not shaving thing is vile vile vile vile vile i'm not sure i can stand it for as long as i need to lol. Especially considering i'm then going to have to get waxed = pain lmao i was screaming my little head off when i had my eyebrows done, well, it was more like *rip* "argh" lmao, not even real screaming, i'm such a prat. Lol. Pauline said she would have hated to see me in labour, i don't blame her for thinking that but i was actually stupidly good. Even the midwife said "if you're going to be this good you can come back again" my reply being (and the only thing i said the whole time) "fuck off" lmao at me. I miss being pregnant lol, it was an excuse to be fat, no i'm joking i actually do miss it i didn't think i would because it was annoying and like i don't know i can't explain it but i like, didn't feel comfortable in my own skin if that makes sense? But i still miss it lol. I miss being able to balance my dinner on my bump hahahahaha. Sniff sniff sniff, i've got such a blocked nose it is not nice at all, and i have really dry cracked lips and no vaseline because i swapped carly it for some sudocream because Cian is allergic to sudocream lmao. Bless him. I've not spoken to Carly for abit i keep trying to ring her but it wont let me get through and i can't remember what house number it is so i can't exactly just turn up lolz. I was supposed to stay at hers friday night and go dancing yesterday morning lol but obviously that didn't happen lol. I have a feeling Mike was drunk last night texting me about how much he loves me and such bless him. Awh he is a star lolz, he's amazing. Hahaha. Right anyways i'm going to pop some music on and wash up all the bottles i need to wash up perhaps i'll be back soon, perhaps not until later. Peace and love. xx

So i was right i've showered and dressed and i feel much better, still lousy though but i'm having my breakfast now, the kettle is boiled ready to make some bottles up and i'm hoping my dad will watch Justin for 5 mins while i run the shop in a moment talking of justin he is moaning at the moment but there's nothing wrong with him, he just wants to get up lol so i will go and get him once i've had my breakfast, peace & love. xx

Todays weather forecast, very cold and very windy that is all i have to say on the matter. Who's smart idea was it to go out to the shop? Damnit. I got some soothers and some chilli doritos and a magzine and some baby milk and some cigarettes i'm feeling much better but still coughing my guts up lol. Justin's had his half ten bottle and gone for his nap now but i doubt he will stay down for long he's been quite irritable today bless him i imagine he's maybe confused? he's used to being with his dad now, do you think he even notices? Hmmm. He seems happy enough, i'd hate to think he dosn't notice because that means he wouldn't notice if he didn't see me and i'd hate to think that lol. Then again according to Lou & her mom when they've babysat he screams when i leave lol which obviously is sad but you know what i mean lol. There's NOONE online bar me that is and noone is texting back as of yet, its almost 11 lmao is noone awake? How odd. Justin most deffinately is so i'm gonig to go and calm him down and then read my magazine and smoke and stuff lolz peace & love xx

Wow, its really bright, the sun is shining like mad, Justin is FAST asleep and there's NOTHING on the telly, boredom to the max. I've made up all the bottles i need to there is literally nothing left for me to do i've read my magazine and everything so i'm just like, what now. lol. I'm listening to kate nash lol, birds. :D lol i love this song haha. Boredom boredom boredom. lol. Why is noone online! :( Why is there nothing to do, there must be something to do, its not often i get to a point where i've done everything i need to do and Justin is in bed, i don't like it lol. I'm hoping i can convince someone, i don't actually care who, to come over today just so i have something to do lol. Third eye blind are cool. :D If you hadn't noticed i'm trying to find some decent music. :d lol i hardly have any on here! :( Wish you would step back from that ledge my friendddd(8) love it lol.

Just popped on for two seconds to say oh my god it is snowing, i'm off to feed Justin now. lolz xxx

It's still snowing, lol. Noone is texting back bar Zoie, i'm eating a sandwich and i am bored lol. Just watched back to the future two because it was on telly, love it lol i want to watch the other two now though lolz. It's not even snowing proporly now though its like the occasional bit of fluff falling from the sky lol. I'm going to ask my dad if he would babysit for me tomorrow night because i want to go and see my bloody valentine in 3d but i might have to wait until my money comes in tuesday, god knows. lol. Going to see Amber next weekend, hopefully lol. I'm worried about buying my tickets though because its alot of money and if James is going to let me down again then i'm fucked lol. Right finished my sandwich now so i'm off to play with munch. :) blog later ly all. x

Justin is refusing to sleep, Louisa is upset, i'm really tired and well that is it for now. I think Justin is settling himself abit now though, he's REALLY tired like at that point where he can't sleep because he's too upset because he's tired lol. :( Poor thing, i'll leave him till half past and if he's not asleep by then i'll go up to him and give him a cuddle and such. he's been really irritable all day though, poor thing. I can't be bothered to blog tonight i'm going to get Justin of to sleep and thenBold hopefully go myself. lol.

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