Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Our lives improve only when we take chances - and the first and most difficult risk we can take is to be honest with ourselves.

Our lives improve only when we take chances - and the first and most difficult risk we can take is to be honest with ourselves. - Walter Anderson.

I had the shock of my life this morning, i forgot that i have it set up so that £50 a month goes into my savers account and when i checked my bank i think i actually nearly had a heart attack! lol. Gosh, that was scary. Okay so heres the quick time trying to work out if i have to take the money out of my savers or not... hang on, £11 on electric, £4.17 on water, £20 on shopping and i owe Ami about £15. I also need taxi fair for friday so that'l be about £20, what does that add up too? Ermmm... Around £70 right? Yeah i'm sorted. :) lol. Okay so can i afford fags this week, that's the most important thing, haha well it isn't but after bills and babystuff it is and i have all the baby stuff i need for this week so.... lol what's 7 £4.50's? £31.50 So all together about £100 and then obviously because it is me and everyone knows me i will do stupid and silly things which involve wasting money, but i will TRY not too, i'm going to start the whole whatever i spend including bills i'm going to put on here thing. :). Next week i'll need to buy 6 6 months plus bottle teats, how shocking! lol. :) Justin's in bed at the moment but i can't gaurentee he's actually sleeping haha bless him. Anyway i can't blog long this morning i need to do the washing up and have a shower i just thought i'd blog while i checked my bank. :) lol. I have no way of getting in touch with James which is a bit of a bitch as i need to let him know to change the bottle teats for when he has Justin next. I'll text his mom but i doubt they'l read it. Then again if they're still blog stalking me like they were when i first started my blog then they will perhaps read this and ask James to change the bottle teats? haha. My phone bill still hasn't come through and i have no idea when it is due and i can't check because i don't know anything about the account and again, can't contact James lol, i need to go to the soliciters soon and sort out this god damned divorce! :D I've been waiting since october lol! It's gone pretty quick in all fairness but i swear to go i vow to never get married again, ever. I know young, scared & stupid don't bode well with commitment lol and i know it's not always like it was and such but if i'm honest thats not the only reason why, i like being me, if that makes sense, as opposed to being like, idk, married? haha i'm not making any sense, well either way i like my independance and i plan to keep it from now on. Then again lmao, i asked Mike to move in yesterday in a fit of impulsive happiness lol, i don't remember if i blogged about it yesterday or not. But yeah, hahahahaha. Hang on two moments Justins having a moan. Bless him he dropped his dummy and lost ted bear. :( Poor thing. haha. My community care grant should come through soon, i hope so, it should e within the next two weeks so would be pretty helpful if it came in just before James picks Justin up on the 7th because then i can get my stuff on the 7th while i don't have Justin which would make things much easier lol! Anyway i'm going to do the washing up and make some bottles up and sort out some washing and ironing of clothes and have a shower and then after all that most likely get Justin up and feed him and be merry i'm not sure whether to go out after his half ten feed to shop and pay bills or to go out after his half two feed, i'm only planning on going up to green lane i think because i'm pretty sure i can get everything i need to there i would go to the little shop up the road but we have a problem with the lack of cashpoint lol. Right, i'm off, ly all might be back later, infact i definately will so i can type up my receipts for the day. :) xx

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