Monday, 23 February 2009

It is discouraging how many people are shocked by honesty and how few by deceit.

It is discouraging how many people are shocked by honesty and how few by deceit. - Anon.

It's shocking, i've put a quote up today that is anonymous. I don't think i've done that before, i don't like too but it is such a beautiful and true thing it had to go up. So, i hardly blogged yesterday and am not blogging until now today. I've been with Mike. Haha we went to his for breakfast yesterday and didn't get there until like 2 lol! and then we went to the pub and then i picked my darling son up at my dads and then Ami came over and it was all very merry and i somehow convinced Mike to stay the night, which was wonderful. :) lol. He didn't go to work today because he had to go to the dentist because his tooth is silly and i have, or had sympathy toothache and it is funny yet painful lol. I forgot to say by the way that Mike got me a valentines day card :) Made me uber happy, it's lovely and i plan to keep it forever. Me ami and mike were doing tarot card readings last night for the lolz, was fun yet depressing like major mind fuck times lol. The thing that was bothering me by the way is not bothering me anymore but i do have another thing bothering me which is the fact that i am falling fast and that is good but i am PETRIFIED, and don't want anything to change, i was texting Lou about it earlier and in a rare "whats the worst than can happen moment" i forwarded the texts on to Mike, he's text back but i haven't had the guts to read it yet. Scared much? Yes i am. I still haven't smoked my beautiful fags, i said i wouldn't! lol. Awh my beautiful little boy is in bed at the moment having a little nap. :) i'm not blogging for long this afternoon by the way because i have a million and one things to do and i swear that is no exaduration. Well, i lie, it is but i do have alot to do! lol. Not going for lunch with Lou today as you may have guessed, her hernia's exploded or something, well it hasn't but she's pained and drugged up and such. :( Poor baby. I'm totally empty (calender wise) wednesday to but tomorrow i do have to do some shopping and pay some bills and then thursday i have a key working session and friday i have an appointment at the newington. Funtimes, i need a babysitter, Ami said she will do it if she dosn't have work but if she does i'm fucked! lol. I'll have to take him with me. :) lol. Talk of the devil guess who's moaning his head off at the moment, hehe, bless him i imagine he dropped his dummy i doubt he wants to get up as i've only just put him down. Damn it i'm starving and i really really want a jacket potato but i can't because i do not have enough cheese! :'( Damnit. :(. Christ, it's so loud here, the neighbours were having a row and they woke Justin up and now he is screaming relentlessly. I read Mikes reply by the way, it was amazing and sweet and lovely and now, i'm not so scared anymore. But i still am. LOL. Anyway i need to go to try and settle Justin and do all the other million and one things i have to do. I can't wait for bed tonight, i just want to sleep. x

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