Saturday, 31 January 2009

Constant dripping hollows out a stone.

Constant dripping hollows out a stone. - Lucretius

I didn't even bother trying to get up and stay up at half six i gave Justin his bottle and went back to bed, i feel lousy. I've got a terrible cold lol it is not fun to say the least. Justin seems merry though he's a little bunged up himself he's lying on his playmat squeaking and having a merry babble and by the looks of it trying desperately to roll over onto his tummy bless him. I'd still be in bed but Justin wanted to get up and play, i physically don't have the energy at the moment mind so hopefully his playmat will be enough for him for today actually, more hopefully, i will get very better very soon? Not going to happen is it. Damnit, why am i ill. I'm so tired and i can't actually speak, like i have no voice literally lolz my throat is THAT sore! :'( damnit damnit damnit. I pretty much have nothing to write at the moment, oh bar the fact that this not shaving thing is VILLEEEEE and the fact that i can't believe i have AGES left until i can, i'm actually going to look like a gorilla the worst part being, i'll still be going swimming on fridays! With gorilla esqueness. Awh Justin just turned around looked at me and grined his little head off, he knows who his mommy is. :D Damnit i'm so ill and tired. Right i think i'm going to be off for now anyways ly all. xx

My voice is just about back and lol at the conversation me and my dad just had i said "i'm dying" and my dad said "you're dying everyday darling life is always terminal" and i said "well yes, but today i'm dying faster" For some reason he just cracked up lmao. I'm trying to work out wether today i refuse to get me or Justin dressed or wether i should go to the shop and buy some spicy dorito's because they always seem to clear my sinuses and its the only slightly spicy things i can eat lmfao. On a baby note, Justin is having a huge poo, funtimes because i've already cleaned one up today and its not even 11am yet. lol. I got a letter through today telling me that i have somewhere to live, isn't that great. I'm just waiting for them to do some repairs and safety checks and then it's all sorted lol. Apparently that could take up to two weeks though but i will definately have left my dads by the second week in February which is the latest i can leave so, thank god i guess lol. I'll have a proper talk with them at my meeting on thursday about it all. 11am thursday the 5th and i have a doctors appointment for Justin at 9am on tuesday, lets hope i'm better by then because today i feel like i am actually about to die. Damnit and the only person up/texting back is Zoie which is merry but it's not like she can come over what with her being in scotland and such. So boredom and lonelyness to the extreeme. Gosh, it's bright outside. Damnit i have a headache, i don't like life so much today lmao. I can't breathe through my nose and that makes me majorly sad. I should probably have a shower but that requires too much effort lol. All my effort today is going into staying awake and looking after Justin i think but i think i might just put coats on us both and go to the shop in a bit leaving our pj's on underneath lol. Noone is online :( Right, i'm going to go and do something, god knows what, actually, im not because there is NOTHING to do that dosn't require any effort. I do need to make up some bottles though but i need to wait until the water in the kettle has cooled down before i do that anyway lol. Damnit, i'm tired. lol. x

Still noone texting back and hardly anyone online, Just put Justin down for his midmorning nap i've got half a mind to go for one myself after my cigarette. Zoie just did a fucking magic trick, she sent me a message and it simply said "i'm flashing you" but it came up on my screen instead of coming up saying 1 new message zoie. lol and it was weird... haha. Maybe if i go to bed i will wake up feeling better? Is that a likely possibility? It isn't is it, damnit. lol. Fuck it, i'm going anyway. x

Turns out Justin didn't want to nap at all, well he woke up after about 5 mins and has been moaning ever since, i've changed him and played with him and cuddled him and rocked him and all that but he's just really really tired so i've had to leave him to try and fall back to sleep poor thing. He's due his food and milk in like 40 mins anyway so if he dosn't sleep now he will after that i guess. Poor thing in moaning like mad im going to go up to him and give him a dummy and a tummy pat lol :) Okay we have a sleeping child :D bless his little cotton socks. I'm tired myself, i'm not going to risk waking him up though lol i may have to sleep on the sofa! lolz.

It's weird having Justin on the weekend lol. He's been super tired today, not sure why though he did have me up at half 3 this morning so that could be it but either way i've had to feed him and put him to bed an hour early so expect me to be awake at like 5:30am tomorrow, fun times, i bet i'll still be ill aswell. Can't get a babysitter for Mikes gig tomorrow, gutted, i feel well bad lol but guess if i can't do anything about it then i can't do anything about it. :( Sorry baby. I'm so tired i think i might have to go to bed myself once Justin is properly asleep he's doing that thing where he is silent so i assume he's sleeping but then every so often he lets out a wail and then goes silent again i need to wait until he's fast asleep before i go to bed which isn't going to be until atleast after Bella's bath lol. I'm so illll. Sad times sad times i don't know how this happened lol. Damnit.

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