Saturday, 21 February 2009

If you tell the truth you don't have to remember anything.

If you tell the truth you don't have to remember anything. - Mark Twain.

I decided today to leave all my tidying up until later. So i went back to bed with Justin but we're both up now and listening to lillix. lol. Omg Mike had me up all night last night, and not in a good way, he wasn't here. He text me saying he needed to tell me something and would understand if i never wanted to see him again. I made him tell me on the phone this morning thank fuck, it was something i already knew, i won't go into detail but LOLZ. haha. Got my taxi booked to my dads for 10 to 10 so i'll get there around about when James does, my dad said he propbably won't be in but i've got my key anyway so it's okay and then i'm going to walk back and do all my tidying and probably some more blogging and get to Ami's for about 1. Need to buy some fags on the way back from dropping Justin off because i literally have one left! that is not good. I'm all dressed and showered and i have nowhere to go until 1pm and even then i'm only going to Ami's for a drink but i don't care i will wear my dress anyway lol. I feel like a twat though haha and i don't even have a mirror to check how i look lol. Probably shambolic but hey, lol. I decided this morning in bed that i would be suyper happy if my body looked the way it does when i'm lying down when i stood up lmao, bar obviously the fact that my tits fly to the sides because that would like rather alarming lol. I just need to tone my tummy up lol but it's having the time haha i might see if i can afford to join the gym because they have a thing that i can't spell where they look after kids... damnit. lol. I'm bored to the extreeme and quite hungry, i've not had breakfast yet, i'm not sure what i want lol, i'm thinking peanut butter on toast with a nice glass of orange juice which makes a nice change because i've had tea almost every morning! LMFAO! Me drinking tea, it's madness. lol. I'm wearing a hat with this dress and i don't think it goes, AT ALL but i like the hat and i dislike my hair so i will wear it anyway and maybe Ami can sort my hair out when i get to hers? I still don't have her birthday pressie, don't get me wrong i've brought it, on a merry online bookshop but it hasn't come yet as far as i know, its supposed to be being delivered to my dads and well my dads said i have post but he said letters and obviously a book is going to come in a small parcel not an envelope lol. It's lucky Ami knows what i'm getting her otherwise i would have accidently just given it away completely lol. Well, given away that it is a book anyway lol but yeah, she already knows. It's only twenty to nine i've got over an hour before my taxi comes! :( and i've got like 4 hours and twenty mins before i have to be at Ami's lol. We're going to have a little chat today aswell because i told her something last night and it's a secret so much so that i won't even put it on my blog but don't worry, it's nothing overly important, it's nothing that's happened or anything like that it's just something that i am feeling that dosn't as far as i am aware affect anything at all. lol. Bar my sleep last night, well before Mike text me lol, that helped get it out of my head for a little while but even so i couldn't sleep, infact it was out of my head until he told me this morning and now that that is over and done with it's back. But anyway it's nothing overly important but if it gets to a point where it's affecting me proporly then i guess i will have no choice to blog about it. Awh, the lillix album finished now we're listening to tracey chapman she's got her ticket and after i plan to put hinder - homecoming queen on because it is my current favorite song bar lazlo bane - i'm no superman lol.Ewwww, i just pt my finger in my mouth and it tastes like nail varnish and perfume lol. EWWWWW. Deffinately not as nice as peanut butter on toast so i think i'm going to be off to make my breakfast lol. Cya love ya all, i might not be back blogging today, but i might be, depends how long all my tidying takes me when i get back from dropping Justin off. xxx

I just found a pretty cool website, and i'm going to put into my side links, just thought i'd let you all know, this morning is going really slow and i still haven't had breakfast, i'm going to go and make breakfast and then i'm going to get Justin ready to go to his dads. bye bye.

(8)It's such a shame shame shame that our homecoming queen was alot like you and alot like me and she never walked on water 'cuz noone really saw her it's such a shame shame shame that our homecoming queen had alot to prove and so many to please she's just somebodys daughter just looking for somebody to love her.

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