Thursday, 19 February 2009

The human soul needs actual beauty more than bread.

The human soul needs actual beauty more than bread. - D H Lawrence.

Again i decided to do all my tidying before blogging which was alot this morning because me and Ami and Cathryn cooked last night, we made cornflake cakes, chocolate caramels, vegetarian meatballs with cheesy pasta, it was very nice but me and ami somehow ended up slightly stoned on sugar mind lol but it was quite funny. Anyway, onto today, Justin for once has gone for a nap after his first bottle like he used to do so i've managed to clean up and have a shower this morning which is all good. :) I've even done the ironing, the perks of living alone, NAKED IRONING. The not so perks of having just moved in, NO BLINDS. damnit. lol. I need a wardrobe and or some draws so desperately it isn't even funny there's clothes all over my floor and it makes me nervous. I need to find out what network has the best signal here because the signal on this internet thing Cathryn has lend me is bad here but so are most lol my phone is orange and thats terrible and the internet thing is 3 and thats terrible so its got to be like, o2 or vodaphone? unless they're all going to be just as bad lol. If anyone knows of a way to check online, let me know? Ta. Lol is it just me or is it thursday already? thats gone fast. Talking about fast, i made a decision earlier, i do everything too quickly, well no i don't really mean that i mean like, i rush things, i try to get things done aqap (as quick as possible) and well, there's no point, i have all the time in the world lol. Likie when i'm feeding Justin i try to do it quicker than i need to, when i'm feeding myself, when i'm showering, cleaning, just living, i do it all too fast, i miss things. So i've decided as of today that i am going to slow down and go at my own pace and take everything in, i have no need to rush, unless obviously, i need to rush (for a bus ect ect ect) Well, i certainly feel lighter, anyway i'm going to go for a quick cigarette because i have a sneaky suspicion that Justin is stirring, i've not had breakfast yet this morning, but hey, there's no rush. :)

I am sat here at quater to eleven having only just made breakfast and i do not care, i have a bacon sarnie and a cup of tea and Justin is having his mid morning nap and i am happy. Bar the fact that today i am having a fat day and will later need the fire service to get me out of my size 8 jeans, that is if they can get past my size 16 top. (confused much, for the record i'm a ten lol) Just waiting for Louisa to come over now, apparently she will be here before twelve... hmm. Got to go the the baby clinic for one and i have to pop into chelmsley too to give in my proof of child benefit at the housing so that my housing benefit starts coming through because i got a bill for my rent today and well lets just put it this way, without my housing benefit it is not pretty, not at all. I've hardly got any money as it is anyway, and what i do have is pretty much going straight out and then some, bummer. lol. Do be do bi do. You know when you just do not know what to do, lol, :(. I need some furni asap. lol. It's lovely and bright today, i've not been outside yet so i don't know if it is warm but it is lovely and bright none the less. :) I really want to get my mobile internet sorted out soon but can't until saturday because i'm busy and even if i weren't i don't really like taking Justin into town, not nowdays anwyay i don't like to feed him his baby food while we're out i don't know why, i just don't. I guess that's fair enough right? Ohhh, my sarnie was lovely but now i'm starving, i may have a packet of crisps or something of the sort. Omg, this is another thing more for people that know me but people that don't may also find it amusing, after making my sandwitch, i cleaned the grill! lol. Anyways i'm going to be off for a cigarette and to text Lou and find out when she's getting to mine. :)

I'm proud Lou actually did get to mine before twelve, well at like 11:56 or something silly but still, proudness lol. Went to the baby clinic health visitor says Justin's diet is good and that his weight is good and stuff lol he weighs 17 pound 3 ounces now. :) bless his little cotton socks :) and then we went to the housing and all that is sorted now as far as i am aware and then i did a stupid thing and brought a beautiful dress, i really do hate my impulsiveness and obsession for clothes. It is beautiful though, hang on i'll get a picture. It's gorgeous i plan to wear it to Ami's for her birthday saturday lol.

Isn't it insanely beautiful? Anyway Justin's having a moan even though he's tired, so i'm off to see whats up with him and then make myself a sandwich perhaps i'll be back later but perhaps not until tomorrow morning. ly all. x

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