Sunday, 11 January 2009

You cannot dream yourself into a character: you must hammer and forge yourself into one.

You cannot dream yourself into a character: you must hammer and forge yourself into one. - Henry D. Thoreau

Post secrets are up today, i'll put my favorites up next time i'm blog but i'm too totally off my face at the moment, i've only come home for a shower and to change my clothes. Fucking wicked night last night dancing until a ridiculous time with Carlyyy :) lol, i love Carlyy. But yeah, like usual i can't be bothered with details of the night at the moment because i'm wankered. Huge sorry to Louisa because i was supposed to be going to Telford with her at getting to hers for 5am but i passed out around 4am. Sorry sorry sorry, i love you & you know how i plan to make up for it. ;) gosh, that sounds a lot ruder than it is, it isn't rude at all. hahahahahahahhahahaha. I've fucked my phone up somehow and i have no idea how but it wont work proporly lol. Going to Ami's in a bit i think. :) Well, for 6 lol. Funtimes. I love friends. I had a wicked niiigghhhttt wooooooo. I'm so fucked. Lol. Mike recorded me & Carly & Sarah dancing last night but he didn't svae it hich is a shame because it would have been hilarious to watch considering how hommered we wereeee lolz. I can't stop listening to Rick Astley never gonna give you upppp, i'm so sad yet cool. :D and wankered. :D James is giving me my money on tuesday, good timesss. :) haha he has a job haha. I can't stop dancinggg :) I'm so happyyy. got to get some more drink before i go to Ami's lol :) Peace & love all.

Okay, finally home, a little less fucked than earlier, but still. not entirely there. so me and Ami went to see Role models, its pretty good, but not that good, i've seen better, deffinately. Though i have fallen madly in love with Sean William Scott because he is beautiful and just plain fantastic. :) Wow, i can't believe i'm going to be eighteen soon. Thats shocking. Wow, so yeahh... You know something, actually, i'm feeling abit down tonight, i'm not entirely sure why though, everythings going alright and i'm really happy with life, i just kinda, feel abit down. Hmm, trust me to ruin my own good mood somehow, maybe its just because i'm so tired, i'm going to bed soon so perhaps i'll feel better in the morning. :)

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