Tuesday, 27 January 2009

There is only one person who could ever make you happy, and that person is you.

There is only one person who could ever make you happy, and that person is you. - David burns.

Wow i haven't blogged in ages, i've been busy at some points not even beings in brum lol. So, blackpool was amazing but we almost didn't go because Ami and Cath fell asleep and they had the tickets, luckily Ami's brother was up and let me in to slap them across the face with a dressing gown which did the trick perfectly. lol. It was a pretty amazing trip even though we didn't end up going on the tram or to the pleasure beach haha we did go to central pier though and Cathryn spent like £100000 okay well more like £30 on one of the stalls because she couldn't win eyore so she brought him instead haha. Mike won me some little rabbit teddys and they're super cute :) haha. We brought a ridiculous amount of rock which was fun times. I got so drunk on the saturday night that i ended up going to bed before midnight, so i missed my birthday! haha. Wow, so very drunk. So drunk infact that i went down to Ami's room for a fag in the night wearing simply a t shirt forgetting that i would have to go back up the stairs wearing simply a t shirt lmao. but yeah, we had an amazing time, i can put SOME photo's up but most of them are on a disosable camera and i don't have a scanner so i can't put them all up, me and Ami plan to make scrapbooks though :) so that should be ace lol. I'll put al the photo's on later though because at the moment i'm waiting for Justin to want his bottle he had his last one at about half 8 last night and then went to bed and he's just got up but he isn't moaning for a bottle yet. I'm thinking if i give it him as near to our usual routine as possible then i can get him back onto routine, i do need to give him his baby rice around half two though so as long as it works out that way then it's alright. I had such a stress getting him dressed this morning, i tore the room apart looking for my passport sunday night and now everything is everywhere so it's proving pretty hard to find things. I'm currently writing this blog on my very own laptop that my dad got me for my birthday so i'm super chuffed cuz its all cute and little, but not tiny like the tiny ones, just small, its lovely. :) Which means i get to blog and play with Justin at the exact same time, i love it. So yeah, sunday night me and Louisa went up broad street in all fairness we spent most of our time in reflex because we're cool like that, and we got chatted up by a ridiculous amount of blokes, it was stupid. So we tld them all we were a lesbian couple that had been together for years oh oh oh, i think its bottle time for mr munch. :) be back in a moment. x

Wow, so i lied when i said back in a moment, been super busy today though lol so you can't blame me and also i am blogging now instead of doing what i would really like to and sleeping, i just can't keep away, arent you lucky. So, what was i talking about earlier? Oh basically me and Lou Sunday night, well there isn't much else to say about it, they wouldn't let Louisa into the o bar because they didn't believe her id was hers even though it actually is so i was distraught because the were playing low so i told her we had to stand outside and dance damn it low battery hang on ok we're good to go. So anyway, we were dancing outside and some random came up to me and said "you know its illegal to dance like that" we had a full on conversation about it lmao, how funny right? Well basically it was a really good night and a realy good weekend and i got my tattoo on monday which was also really good, so now i can get back onto today. I took Justin down to me nans and met my mom and my auntie tracie, fun times it was nice to see everyone and have a little giggle and Justin was dribbling away all day he does that all the time recently its adorable lol, i've been told to put more detail on my blog especially baby detail ut i don't really know what to say i feel a bit silly writing, well Justin did a poo today and random things like that, come to think of it mind his nappy earlier today and everyone can vouch for me was vomit inducing lmao it looked like he hadn't been changed in weeks when in actual fact he hadn't been changed in about an hour lol. Bless him he had his rice lovely today but i think i might have made it abit too watery or runny or milky or whatever you want to call it, either way he ate it though i love it because he screams his little head off and then you put the spoon is his mouth he munches for a second and then grins like a maniac lol. It's amazing though i still haven't been able to get a photo of it yet because of it only really being me lol. Actualy i'd rather a video, i may just set up a camera lmao. I need to start thinking about getting a high chair for him really because it won't be long until he's six months old bless. :) excitement. So anyway i babysat Bella earlier while Eileen went to the doctors but she wasn't gone long at all i expected her to be ages bless them both though both of them were supposed to be asleep but neither of them were lol. It wasn't half as hard as i imagined it would be though. :) Mike came down also and we just chilled for abit funtimes and then he walked me down to Ami's at about half 8 because i was getting my eyebrows waxed while Justin was asleep (my dad watched him obviously i didn't leave him home alone) lol. He's coming the baby clinic with me tomorrow too. :) Funtimes. lol. Only need to get him weighed and talk to them about his bab y rice, i've got him another doctors appointment about his eye for next tuesday aswell because it just isn't clearing up. I'm hoping there's nothing seriously wrong though i'm pretty sure there won't be. :) There was something else i deperately wanted to do/write but i can't for the life of me remeber so i guess it will have to wait until tomorrows blog now because i have to go to bed, once i've finished painting my nails bright orange :) lolz. x I'm going to put the blackpool pictures and the broad street pictures up tomorrow i think because i am FAR too tired tonight lol.

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