Friday, 23 January 2009

Go back a little to leap further.

Go back a little to leap further. - John Clarke.

Falling in love again, aint nothing i can do, i'm falling in love again & this time its with you when i fall its always the same & i'm so tired of playing this game... Lol i have spent my morning listening to Eagle eye cherry, love love love. I am yet again online at silly o clock trying to convince myself not to go bck to bed, oh btw the computer is fixed now :P lol. My genius father ey? I think i'm going to have to restart this song. :) I did give Justin his baby rice in the end yesterday and i'm pretty glad i did to be honest. I didn't get any of the funny faces i'd been told to expect though, he just munched it down bless him, geedy pig he then had eleven ounces (yes ELEVEN) when i fed him before bed! I had to go and get another bottle, can you believe it, pig lol. Bless him. My dad's lost the god damned blackpool tickets! Can you believe it? I gave them to him last week and said can you put these somewhere safe so that i don't lose them and don't forget them so i asked him for them this morning and he can't remember where he put them can you believe it? Damn it he best be able to find them before i leave tonight, i'm not leaving until after eastenders mind. I've developed an obsession with youtube video's but i'm actually just listening to music on there at the moment...

Love to this girl, she has a lovely voice and she is MAJORLY beautiful.
and here is a classic

Love ittt.

When you're close to tears remember
Some day it'll all be over

One day we're gonna get so high
And though it's darker than December
What's ahead is a different colour
One day we're gonna get so high.

Boredom, i might go and have a shower in a moment, i did the bottles last night so i am using the compter to takle me through till 8am because i know i won't go to bed after that because that would be silly. I need to find something nice to wear in a bit to meet Lou but i really cann't be bothered i can't find anything in the huge mountain that is my stuff. I ordered a skirt on ebay about 2 weeks ago and it still hasn't come so i'm rather annoyed with life, i sent them a message yesterday but haven't received anything back yet, damnit, it wasn't overly expensive or anything but you know, i payed for it because i want it not because i felt like wasting a few pounds you know? Oh god i went to get fags yesterday and there was no lambert or superkings i ended up with a pack of gold classics! how upsetting is that, actually no, whats more upsetting is that fact that i'm actually getting used to them! oh my gosh how terrible is that? Oh well, a fag is a fag at the end of the day they just tend to be better when you can actually get something off them lol.
Im listening to christ brown now haha "hearts all over the world tonight they need their boo gotta see their boo....." wow it was SO hard to fight
the urge to add a b on the end of boo then! oh hahahaha. I'm really looking forward to the blackpoolian joys.



Right i'm going to go for a cigarette and have a shower and then get dressed and what not and then i imagine Justin will be up and then i'll get him ready for funtimes swimtimes :) lol. Another video before i go though...
It won't let me embed so here's the link.

Love this song. but it won't load fully. :( Then again i
did just listen to snearkernight and even half a song is better than that i guess lmao. Oh yeah, i have a cake from Josie for the birthday and i must open light and eat it at dead on midnight, so i will be in blackpool either in a hotel or on a beach, i don't know or care but i will most likely be making a video so you shall all see it when i return. :) this really is a beautiful song. It's Jordin sparks one step at a time by the way. I have a kind of thing right, i honestly think her voice would be more suited to disney soundtracks than actually like, singing? lol. I mean, she has an AMAZING voice, it just kind of reminds me of disney. lol. Anyone agree?


I am back at half nine in the morning with Justin playing merrily on his play mat and both of us dressed to make two announcements, first being, i am bored, out of my skull. Second being I've had a phone call and there might be a place available to me within the next week or two, ace or what? I stole (well asked if i could have) a pair of Louisa's heels yesterday, she's a size smaller than me so i am in pain and i've only been wearing them an hour but i do not care because they are so beautiful, i have the strangest feeling the old me is coming back, watch this space lol. I can't find my old black coat anywhere and its getting to be abit annoying lol. I washed my hair last night so now its gone all fluffy and such, i dislike it greatly. Going swimming later its going to just be a state isn't it lol. Hopefully i'll be able to do something with it for sunday, fun meal times. this weekend is just like, one big, busyness. Swimming until about half one then Chelmsley times then home and sort things out times then bath times then eastenders times then a little chat with Ami times then seing Mike times then going to blackpool times then well, blackpool times then home times then meal times and then (if Lou will come) town times and i KNOW i'm doing something monday morning but i can't remember what, oh yeah, tattoo times and then Justin's back. :) lol. Damn it, not only am i going to be super busy i'm going to be SUPER poor. lol. I have very little money left, it isn't good at all. Ahh but life is, wooo. Going to give Justin his bottle at half ten and then i have a taxi booked for twenty past eleven so i can go meet Louisa at the swimming baths i hope the swim nappy i got fits, it was the only one they had, well the smallest one they had but i have a feeling it might be a little bit big, i don't really know. I feel bad for Lou i keep waking her up in the mornings despite her having work. Well actually i say that but not only was it her idea to babysit yesterday morning but it was also her idea to go swimming today so its her fault, there, i don't feel bad anymore. I missed blogging last weekend and when the compuer was broken, i really do enjoy it. I'm thinking of doing it more visually now though, like, you know, like a video blog. lol. My dads said i can borrow his camera this weekend so i'm well chuffed cuz well, i like to take photographs. I plan to print some also. Infact what i think i might do is print some off the memory card in chelmsley today from last weekend then delete everything take some more in blackpool and then print them when i get back? Ahhh, clever me lol. I can't remember which ones are on my memory card though, i think the best ones were on Ali's & Robyns memory cards. There's like, three that i like enough to consider printing, but hey three is better than none. I need them to stick in my merry little 2009 book! You know what i want, i want a filofax type thingy you know like one of those nifty little diary things, i think that'd be wicked and a hell of alot easier than checking my calander on myspace, infact its abit embarassing when someone says "can you do this name & this time" and i'm like "oh hang on let me check my myspace" lmfao. Thats not good is it? lol. Oooh new reviewssss...

And on that note i am off to play with my beautiful son. :)

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