Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Half of the failures in life come from pulling one's horse when he is leaping.

Half of the failures in life come from pulling one's horse when he is leaping. - Thomas Hood.

Morning all, i am yet again doing the "i am blogging so i stay awake thing". :) There's nothing to say this morning yet lol, nothings happened. Justin woke up at half 6 this morning so he's back on his usual routine now which is jolly good. He's gone back to bed now and i need to make up some bottles and have a shower and get dressed and la la la la la things like that, i think i should probably have some breakfast too. I made toast at like 11pm last night because i got hungry and then i went to bed lol. :) My eyebrows are all neat and pretty :) I can't remember if i said in yesterdays blog but i got them waxed at Ami's yesterday. I'm having to become a gorilla so i can get my legs and such done in two weeks lol because obviously you can't wax hair that's hardly there so no shaving for me for a couple of weeks, how EW. Lmao i'm not shaving for two weeks so i can experience immense pain, why? Damn I'm thick sometimes lmao. Oooohh, so what do i want for breakfast, i think i'm going to have to go with my usual peanut butter and banana on toast if i'm honest, you can't beat a favorite lol. When Mike was here yesterday he was saying how i type stupidly fast and i found it stupidly amusing because i'm still getting used to my laptop and therefore typing quite slowly for me lol. He's coming over today but i have no idea what time when i asked yesterday he said earlyish and before ten but hmm, god knows lol. No one is onlineee, sad times, no one ever is, i need to make friends with people in different time zones so that there is someone to chat to when i come online at 7am lol. Right, i have a load of random appointment things that i should probably put in my calender at some point today because i keep double, triple and quadruple booking and it isn't good. Talking about multiples has everyone heard about that woman who had octuplets? She was only expecting seven though but then again when it gets to a certain point one more isn't going to make much of a difference is it, lmao. Poor woman, nah i've got hella respect for her, i couldn't do it, i mean, octuplets?!?!?!?!?! gosh thats alot of nappys. She's going to try and breast feed as well, thats what shocked me i was under the impression people only had two! Can you imagine though, with how often new born babys feed and how long it takes even if she did it two at a time by the time she was finished feeding the last two the first two would be hungry again so she would literally be feeding non stop, like, 24/7 it just isn't practical, i hope she's got someone at home to do the nappy changing and tidying up and all that otherwise things could get very messy, then again she is in LA so she probably has like a nanny or something, god knows. Imagine how expensive its going to be when they all decide they want new shoes or when they need a school uniform or something random like that. Poor girl what has she had aswell, 6 boys and 2 girls? Shocking. I wonder if she has anymore kids like already? Hmmm, anyways i'm going to go and make myself some breakfast now and wash up some bottles. My back is killing me and i have no idea why lol. Tattybyes. x
oooh lol, i don't know if i spelt it wrong or not but the spell checker is telling me the correct way to spell octuplets is "catapults" lmfao i thought that was rather funny. x Also before i go can i just say, MY BLOG IS AT THE TOP OF GOOGLE :D I'm uploading a print screen now lol. I was also thinking i might put my email address at the bottom of the page, see where that gets me but if i don't like the results i'll be removing it. lol.

I've showered and text everyone in my phone book to see if anyone is up noone has text back, i'm super bored so i am sat here blogging and listening to now 71. Justin is still in bed i can't see him getting up until about half nine he's not due his bottle until half ten bless him. I must remember i have a doctors appointment for him about his eye next tuesday at 9am, do not forget do not forget, do not forget. I've had this blog since the 17th of november you know lol. How shocking is that. I'm having such a stress because i have a very small amount of clothes that don't cover my tattoo :( lol. I still can't believe i had one, i never thought i would what with me being a HUGE wimp lmao. My new logic is if i can have a baby i can do anything lmao. I'm stupidly bored this morning, i might go outside and have another fag i would take my laptop with me but i'm not sure if the wireless will strech that far and its raining anyway i think so it probably isn't clever lol. I can't believe Justin is twenty weeks old! It's ridiculous. I can't understand how fast it has gone. Talk of the devil i THINK he's woken up, can't really hear though, hang on. x My mistake then, then again everytime that happens i wake him up when i go to check without noticing and then he screams just as i sit down, he hasn't yet mind so i think i'm going to go for a cigarette, probably wont be back until later now but god knows, depends when baba DOES get up but i'm taking him to the baby clinic about one anyway, tattybyesfornow. :)
On the ofchance you DID find the link & decided to read my blog, HELLO TRACIEEEEEE. lol.

Just spoke to the bromford housing, i have a meeting next thursday at 11am, i'm chuffed as fuck but Eileen dosn't seem too happy, they've said it should be within two weeks that i get a place now but she's saying that they said that last week which is true but atleast SOMETHING is happening, god knows, fuck knows what i'm going to do if they kick me out before i get a place, i have to go to the housing at some point to get a community care grant and they're going to help me fill it in at my appointment. pfft, i hope it stops raining today lol. I have a new favorite song of the moment, Alesha dixon - breathe slow. I love it. :) Justin's still not up but i'll go check on him in a moment lol bless his little cotton socks. :) As soon as this song finishes lol.

Woo i have a comment from my ubercool cousin. :) Funtimes. Lol actually it's bedtimes but i must blog first. Mike came round and so did Robyn it was pretty ace didn't take Justin to the clinic because he was really fussy with his feeding and it was awkward because of the times so i'm taking him to the one tomorrow instead with Ami. lolz. Awh, me and Mike attempted to have a serious chat earlier it was quite funny, but not in a funny way. Well a little bit lol. He's so great. :) I'm so stupidly happy its untrue. There's no signal in the house so i genuinely spent over an hour sat in the garden on the phone to him lmao. :) Happy times happy times. I really don't have much to say, i'm just super happy. And in all honesty i think i'm abit too tired for bloggertimes tonight, the laptop helps mind. Right, bedtimes i think. peace and love all xx


  1. Helloooooo back! Yes i found it . i like to read it fast, just like you type it! x x x

  2. i love youuuu.

    and you are an amazing person & mother.

    GUESS WHAT!! i still have met this wonderful guy of yours.. nooooo not mike.
    JUSTIN!! =O

    ily. your ubercool cousin. xx