Friday, 9 January 2009

There is only one person who could ever make you happy, and that person is you.

There is only one person who could ever make you happy, and that person is you. - David Burns.

Good morning all. :) My phones back on, thank god for that so i'm pretty merry this morning. Justin woke me up at 6am with a major nappy explosion which i can tell you now was not fun to clean up but all is good now, bar the fact that he dosn't seem to want his bottle lol, he's always like this at this time though, he has all the others but dosn't have much of his half 9 one, i'll have a chat with the health visitor when she comes down make sure thinks are good, she's coming on the 14th i think. Wednesday the 14th. :) At like 10am. I need to make breakfast and have a shower now i guess, can i be bothered? No. Lol, but i actually will today. mike phoned me last night at like 12 lol so i got up to have a merry chat, went back to bed & Justin got me up at 6am went back to bed after sorting him out and Lou phoned me at like 7am. I know i'm loved but damnit people let me sleep. Saying that i phoned Ami about 15 mins ago and woke her up, she was not very happy with me at all! lol. haahaha. I can't remember if i said or not so Woo my income support came inI still can't get the hotel web page to load though so at the moment we have six tickets to blackpool and nowhere to stay, saying that, you have to print something out, and i have no printer so erm, bollocks. lol. I might ring my nan in a bit and pop over maybe 'cuz i've gotta go down there to go to Charlies anyway & i like to say hello if i'm in the area lol. Depends if it is raining or not though because if it is/does rain then i'm wankered because i cannot work the rain cover on this new pram for the life of me. Sad times. I can't believe James is picking him up tomorrow, this weeks gone so fast. It just flew byy. I have new reviews, yay, its been AGES since i got new reviews, don't stop reviewing me people, i like to read what you all think. :) Right, i'm off to eat and smoke and shower and phone and well thats about it. peace & love xx

Owchy, i stubbed my toe. :( Sad times. Justins having a big moan even though he's tired, he wont sleep bless him. Argh, stress about Blackpool times and stress about Cheshunt times ohh and Telford times sunday, no stress about that so far bar the fact that i'm getting to Lou's for 5am and i'm at Carly's the night before lol. Need to sort out my coach & train to cheshunt, hopefully that wont be more expensive but basically i can't get just the train because that means i have to get the train and the tube and another train but the coach goes straight to victoria where i can get on the train to Cheshunt lol. what a stress, if i don't get killed, i'll get lost. Bummerrr lol. I got a letter for the Residential thingy today, makes me sad 'cuz i'd LOVE to go but i've got Justin on the friday so i can't really do it, especially as i'm already asking James to have Justin early the weekend of the 24th lol. Shame, i don't even know if i could afford it anyway, thats a lie, i know i could, i'm just trying to make myself feel better. bummer. I need to go to Charlies in abit, i can't be bothered to move as of yet though, but i DID shower and dress, infact, i'm wearing a dress, lol at me and my dresses. I've lost my cream hat though, it makes me SO sad, Last time i remember having it was when we went to the cinema and frankie and bennys so i pray to god i didn't leave it there/in the taxi back, it must be here somewhere, i just can't find it. Sad times. Brrr, its freezing, i may have to do the sensible thing and put some more clothes on. lol. But i LIKE my new dres. :( lol. There was a comment left on the other days blog today saying "secrets like..." I don't think i understand what you mean by that so if you read this let me know? lol x I've put that bit in bold so it stands out so that whoever wrote that comment might notice it? I'm curioussss like george. lol. Justin's gone to sleep now, he's due a bottle in 15 mins mind but a little nap is always good. :) bless his cotton socks, not that he's wearing any. Peace & love. x

I'd just like to add to the end of that a little thing to all the people i lost contact with/broke friends with and have recently made friends with again (if that makes sense) I don't even need to name names but, i love you all SO much, i don't know how i ever coped without you. You know who you are. :)

Justin is so tired tonight, he's asleep already but i'll have to give him his bottle at half past anyway lol, poor thing. Went to my nans today :) lol. I'm rather looking forward to seeing Carly tomorrow lol i have to go from Mine to Charlies, then to Lou's to drop of some drink & then to Carlys with some more drink & then i plan on not leaving Carlys until 5am when i go to Lou's on sunday haha, funtimes, also, i demand to have a bath at Lou's because her bath looks fantabulous. :) It's stupidly huge. Gosh, have you seen the fog? Its like, FOGGY! lol. I'm well tired lol. I don't know if i should wake Justin up at half 6 for his bottle or just leave him until he wakes up himself? I think i'll wake him up at half six, he will most likely wake up himself anyway though. Apparently it's going to be below freezing tonight. Not looking forward to going for a fag in that. lol. Hopefully James will bring my money when he comes to pick Justin up tomorrow and i can put that towards weekend funtimes. Right, i'm off to feed the munchkin and then i'll probably come back on here and then after that i'll watch eastenders and then i will either come back online or go to bed lol. Depends on my mood. :)

My dad got back with tea half way through eastenders so i've only seen the first half and now my brother is playing on the wii so i will have to watch it on demand tomorrow. Also i've come to a desicion I must borrow Louisa's blue shoes tomorrow, i simply must and if i do not then i will cry. Thing is, they're a size too small for me, but do i care, i do not, i will force my feet into such beautiful shoes if it kills me, that is all. x

I've watched eastenders online, it was good, i am shocked at Danielleness and i KNEW about the money i just knew it!!!!! Also i've come to the conclusion that i would really like and perhaps just really need someone to talk to about well, everything, not everything not the good things i mean like, the things that happened in Walsall, but i don't know who, or how, or if i even could. Damn it. I'm such a twat, fagtimes. x

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  1. You can talk to your doctor, and they can help or refer you to a counselor in general or one for specific things (like domestic abuse)
    would be a good thing to talk to someone not personally involved in your life