Thursday, 8 January 2009

Any one can hold the helm when the sea is calm.

Any one can hold the helm when the sea is calm. - Publilius Syrus.

At 7 am this morning i was stood in the rain in a nightie having a fag. That is my life. Lol. Jutins having some playmat funtimes and i'm about to go out for another cigarette, today has been so far, very uneventful, bar the fact that my income support STILL hasn't gone in so i can imagine ill be on hold for the next hour of my life, fun times. Ami's coming over about 11 (i think she said about 11) i hope she realises i'm not getting dressed for anybody and anybody icludes her. I've not even had a shower today i simply can not be bothered i'm SO tired recently, stupily so. I'm going to pick up some pro plus asap. lol. Because i imagine that paying my bill via phone would be to a recorded voice, i wonder if i could just do it? Only problem being theret hat James would have £55 of mine that i'm not sure i'd trust him to give back to me. Can't believe my income suport still isbn't in. Right fag & phone times. peace & love all. x

Well, that was a shock. I wasn't on hold AT ALL & the woman said she will get the payment in by the end of the day. Thank god for that. Still can't believe my phone's been cut off. I'm going to see what would happen if i tried to pay now and if it will let me then i will and then i will phone James and tell him to bring me my money back. Fun times, paid my own god damn phone bill, i was told by(guess who) that was physically impossible, no, actually, it was a piece of piss, same as paying anything else, same as say, when i paid off some of his argos stuff ages ago. Why did i not think of that, because i'm a dim shit. Thats why! Happy now though, my phone should be working soon. Funtimes, i'm off to play with baba ly all x

Everyone's out tonight so noone is online, funtimes, and my phone still hasn't been reconnected or whatever so i'm majorly annoyed because it means i can't get in touch with James to tell him not to pay it. lol. I'm trying to text him off cbfsms but its taking forever and wont work lol. ITS NOT SENDING STILL. Grr, annoying life. Very annoying. I just had a lovely cheese & ham sandwich though. :) Funtimes. Random going out with Carly times Saturday Telford times on Sunday & if i can get in touch with her which i hope i can, Lou times tomorrow. I'm really annoyed about my phone being cut off, i can't even do anything about it because i can't ring orange because... MY PHONES BEEN CUT OFF! lol. Ooooh stressful times. I'm going to bed early tonight 'cuz i'm so tired its not even funny. If my phones still cut off when i get up tomorrow i am actually going to cry. Actual tears!

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