Thursday, 1 January 2009

The real leader has no need to lead-- he is content to point the way.

The real leader has no need to lead-- he is content to point the way. - Henry Miller

Another ditch in the road you keep moving another stop sign you keep moving on... I love savage garden lol. Happy new year to everyone. I did go to bed at about 9pm but then decided ic ouldn't sleep through new year and got up I watched meet the fockers with Maegan and then big fat quiz of the year. Fun times. We played pirates too for some reason unknown to me. james' Mom & Al offered to babysit Justin last night which i thought was really nice but i had nothing to do anyway lol. :) I woke up happy this morning which i imagine is good you know, starting the new year with a smile and such. I've decided on my new years resolution aswel. I will rely on and trust noone but myself this year. I know that probably sounds bad and like i have no faith in the human race but you know, sometimes i dont. Anyway that way if i get let down, i've only got myself to blame. Bless Justin, he's fallen asleep on his playmat again. Awhhhhh.He had me up at half 3 in the morning today with his teething poor thing, his cheeks are all red and cute. Bless the little munchkin. I'm really starting to look forward to y birthdayyy its not far away noww. Its this month!! woot. Lol, Not that i'm going out for it until the very end of the month but oh well. I think i'm going to Telford on monday, randomness to the max but oh well. I'm going with Lou to see Hoof. :) funtimes i'm sure. (8)Break it off boy this has got me feeling naughtyyyyy. lol, i'm listening to a random assortment of music this morning, no this afternoon lol. Gosh this days going FASSSSTTTT. Right anyway there's really not much to say today so i'm going to stop now, i wonder when Kirsty's back anyway? Tomorrow i think. God knows i'll ring her mom and ask later. :)

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