Wednesday, 31 December 2008

You must look into other people as well as at them.

You must look into other people as well as at them. - Lord Chesterfield

Just a quick blog today while i wait for the kettle to boil but probably a longer one later anyway... It is genuinely freezing outside, everything is covered in frost and ice, its ridiculous, and today is the day i planned to take Justin out to (note the irony) buy some warmer clothes/coats/hates & gloves for when the weather got colder... Damn my life. Lol. I'll go anyway because i have enough to wrap him up nice and warm but its going to have to be a quick trip. I managed to sort out the wheels on my new pram so its ace now, no problems with it at all except for the fact that it is pretty short, but so am i i guess lol. James is supposed to be picking the other pram up today he said he'd text me when he got up, considering he knows he has something to do today that is going to take at least 4 and a half hours (including travel) would it not make sense for him to wake up some time before 11? Hmmm. Oh well, that's selfish idiots for you i guess. I woke up in a much more positive mood than i went to sleep in thank god. Justin woke me up again at 12 after going to sleep around 10 lol so i had a bit of a stress last night but oh well, its what babys do. :) and everything worked out in the end. :) he seems to dislike his routine a lot since James changed his milk so I'm just going about today by him to work out a new one, he's not as hungry as often which i guess makes a lot of sense considering he's now getting more milk lol. Well, i fed him at 6am and again at 10am but he only had 4 1/2 ounces at 10, so we shall just see when he wants his next feed lol. :)

Well i was going to go in to chelmsley now, but Justin is spark out so I'm going to have to wait until he gets up bless him. going by the time between feeds earlier, he should want a bottle at around 2pm but we shall see lol. i might have to feed him at 2 and then go, so i wont get to chelmsley until about half three four lol. Everywhere will be shut/shutting. I only need some bits and bobs though. I can't wait until i get my own place i have far too much stuff to keep in the tiny little box room I'm in lol, its overflowing and there's stuff everywhere anyway Justin will need a cot soon and there's no chance i could even fit the smallest of travel cots in that room, well not unless i took the bed out. lol. I'm going to phone the housing in a bit anyway though and hope that they can help in some way. Is the housing even open today? I have no idea, i bloody well hope so because they probably wont be tomorrow. Damn, confusion to the max. What day is it today anyway? Wednesday? Yeah, i thought so. Gosh I'm knackered. And hungry, I'm very hungry, everyone has gone out now, i think i might go and make myself a crisp sandwich, or maybe a cheese sandwich and some crisps, whatever i think will be more fulfilling really lol.

Justin isn't half as whingey tonight, i gave him some calpol for his teething, he's still not sleeping perfectly but he seems much better bless him. Hopefully he will go to sleep soon because i'm exausted. lol. Noone's online, which is exactly supprising considering its new years eve so everyone is probably out partying. Sad times, well, good times for them but, sad times for me. I would say maybe i can convince my dad to watch Justin and i'll go out but i'm pretty sure everyone i know already has plans that being partys/work/suicide. Yes you read right, suicide. lol. hmmm, pfft. Got to make up some bottles in a moment just waiting for the sterilizer to finish. :) I brought me and Justin new hats coats and gloves today. :) I would put pictures up but as i keep saying i've lost the cable! Grrr, suicide suicide lol. Wow, i think Justin is asleep. at ten past seven, how shocking for the last few nights its been like 9pm at the earliest. pfft, life. Its great right? lol. I don't know if i'm going to be blogging again tonight so i'm just going to say happy new years now, i'll probably sleep through it. If i do it will be the first year i haven't been doing something interesting at new years! How shocking. I may have to strip naked and run around the block just so that in the year when everyone asks me what i did on new years i can say omg i ran around the block totally nude! lol.

Nothing to do, everyones busy, eveyone everyone everyone. How sad. I watched a film. Me and maegan had a play fight over the tv remote involving her bag and my new purple hat. That was about it. Oh life. I'm just boiling the kettle to make bottles now because someone made a cup of tea with the last lot lol. so once thats done and i've had a nice cigarette then i'll be going to bed and sleeping right through new years probably, thats a shame but oh well. I'm quite sad, its the first year i will have not done anything. shame shame shame. Oh well, me and Ami are going out on saturday atleast & Mike said he'd come, Kurtis isn't sure yet though, he said he'd be ble to let me know today but hasn't so ill just ask him tomorrow or text him in abit or what not. James still hasn't come to collect the pram, apparently he didn't wake up until 7pm, which i find slightly hard to believe but whatever, if it gets robbed thats his problem not mine. How fucking ridiculous. some people are just so stupidly self centered. Anyways i shant think about it because i will only stress myself out, i'm going to go for a cigarette and then make up the bottles when i get in and after that i'm going to go upstairs to bed, clear the bed because it is covered in a thousand random objects and then i'm going to sleep. If i can sleep, which i hopefully will be able to. Christ, what a stress, i can't believe i'm not doing anything tonight, and i can gaurentee everyone else i know is doing SOMETHING. lol. Laura's having a party but i can't go cuz i've got the baba, even if there were someone to go out with i wouldn't actually be able to but you know, it would have been nice to have been invited somewhere haha. I could have maybe sorted something out. Lol, okay i'm off peace & love & a happy new year.

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