Thursday, 29 January 2009

A point on which the soul may fix its intellectual eye.

A point on which the soul may fix its intellectual eye. - Mary Shelley.

Half six i can handle, maybe even 6am, but Justin has been up since around half four. Damn it lol, he's not even hungry i don't know WHY he's moaning but i switched the light on to find his dummy and he's just lying there playing with his hands now lol, strange boy. No moaning at all. He's not due his bottle until half 6. I didn't expect him to get up so early though because he didn't get to sleep until about half nine last night poor thing he's going to be tired all day. I'm going to be tired all day, i want to go back to bed but i physically can't, i have many a thing to do today. The first being trying to keep Justin quiet until half six. My dad came in to me and goes "i think Justin might want feeding" and i'm like, erm, no, he dosn't. I didn't hear what my dad said after that but i can imagine i'm glad i didn't hear it, god knows. He's probably only trying to be helpful but like, i can tell. He's not like actually crying he's just whineing and if he were hungry he'd be screaming. That was a little while ago now though so he probably will be getting hungry soon, he's due his bottle in 40 mins i don't mind giving it to him after 6 but before 6 and it messes him up all day lol. Damn, i feel wel ill this morning, that can't be good lol. And cold cold cold and tired tired tired. I'm going to have to stay up now until he wants his bottle and then i have to stay up after that because i need to wsh ottles and make bottles up and shower and dress and have breakfast and then get Justin dressed and phone Ami and go down to the baby clinic and la la la la la. How fun. It's freeeeezing cold, well i'm freezing cold. Here we go, now he might be hungry. Be back soon. x

And i am back, Justin is sleeping again and i am STARVING lol i'm not even supposed to be up until half past breakfast dosn't usually come until gone 7 and i'm contemplating making it now lol. If i do though that thing will happen where i have an hour of nothing to do and i'll end up falling to sleep lmao. Oh dear lol, life. haha god i'm TIRED. I want to go back to bed and nap but i cannnn't. I can't let myself have a shower just yet ether because if i go into the bedroom to get dressed i KNOW i will fall asleep i just will lmao. Justin is getting too big for his basket and there's nothing i can do about it and that really upsets me but he needs a cot and i have nowhere to put one, not even a travel cot, there simply isn't room. I hope i get a place as soon as physically possible. Well i know i'll get somewhere as soon as possible but i just hope that that is REALLY soon lol. Right, i'm going to have to make breakfast i think but then agin after i've ate it there will be nothing to do but blog and considering it is just past 6am i don't have all that much to say bar i'm really really really really really tired. I went to bed at like 11 so god knows why i'm so tired in all fairness i've had atleast 5 hours sleep and thats not too bad but still lol. I might set my alarm for 7am and go back to bed, infact, fuck might, i'm off, cya. xxx

Who's bright idea was it to go back to bed? god damn idiot, i only got up at ten past 8. I've had breakfast and washed bottles but i am yet to make bottles smoke and shower, oh dear, and Justin is awake and he really shouldn't be at all because he's ALWAYS in bed until atleast 9/half 9 ish. So i might not even get chance to shower, damnit damnit damnit, i'm just sooo, not clever. The blackpool pictures me and Ami got printed out yesterday just REALLY didn't come out at all, i'm really upset about it if i'm honest but i have a nice photo album to put the ones that did come out in. :) So thats merry and good. I want to print my birthday photo's but it isn't all that cheap lmao. I really badly want a good digital camera, there's one in asda for like £60 and i want it but they have none in stock at the moment which is just so not fair lmao. Right, Justin is whingeing but in a tired way so i'm going to give him his dummy, smoke, shower, dress, get Justin up and then well, be merry, phone Ami at 11 and then go to the baby clinic, i might see if i can drag her into chelsmley aswell so i can buy some bits and bobs for munchkin and for if and when i get a place. lol. :) My dad said he deffinately needs me gone before the end of february. lol.

Okay so getting up late wasn't THAT bad, all i've got left to do is make up some bottles which i will do in a moment but for now im sat in my room both blogging and playing with Justin its merry as can be lol. I have a feeling he is going to want his bottle at ten instead of half ten meaning he will want his rice at 2 instead of half two which isn't terribly bad but it isn't terribly good either because obviously we have to go to the baby clinic today. I don't know what we're doing afterwards though so it might be abit hard lol. I need to go into chelmsley to pick up some bits and bobs, sheets and such idk just, THINGS really lol. So i may have to take his rice with me on the off chance i will need it, problem being the last time i did that it spilt everywhere and i didn't even need it in the end. I think i'm going to take two teaspoons of it in a tied sandwich bag because i only need the one but i might spill some. Lmfao at me. Right, hopefully considering tht lack of sleep he had last night, Justin won't mind going back to bed while i make up some bottles. I still haven't spoken to James about the christening when he phoned to talk about it saturday he decided that he would rather talk about it in person on monday so i got pissed off and then he didn't even turn up on monday so i've text him asking if he wants to talk about the christening or not because either way is fine with me as long as he realises it is something i will definately be doing weather he is involved or not, only if he isn't involved it will be more of a naming ceremony than a whole big churchy thing. lol. Owchy's i've just been kicked in the tattoo lol. OMMM Bella is being naughty, god knows what she's done but i just heard Eileen yell "naughty girl" lol bless her. I think she tried to go down the stairs or something? god knows. lol. Awh you should see Justin's beautiful smiling face. He's got the cutest little top on today its blue and grey stripes with a monster on saying grrrr. It's not s scary monster though, its a cute monster, one that you love. lol. Like a cuddle monster, or like monster munch (i mean Justin, not the crisps) Then again, the crisps are nice too. :) Right i best go do these bottles before i have to feed munch. tattybyes. x

Took Justin to the clinic earlier at 1ish he weighed in at 16 pounds and 4 ounces lol, chubby lil fella, actually its average but still lol. Then he had his rice at Ami's and we walked up to Chelmsley and Mike walked with us and for some reason i couldn't stop laughing i can't even remember what was said ut them two crack me up enough seperately lmao. I'm so happy. Justin is an adoralble lil munsterrr :D hehe was singing nursery rhymes to him earlier it was lovely lol only i don't actually know many so i sang humpty dumpty, georgie porgie and the grand old duke of york and then Lou's moms version of the wheels on the bus, which he LOVES lmao. Awh, his little gigle is amazing, i spent about an hour going "arrrggghhh" at him (in a nice cute way not a screamy shouty nasty way) because he arghs back, well, its more like the occasional prolonged squeak that kind of sort of sounds like arrr but its SO amazing and SO adorable, everything he does astounds me, i can't spell, i don't care. I have the most amazing and beautiful and wonderful son who is and always will be perfect in my eyes i have amazing hilarious brilliant caring kind bitchy and fantastic friends and the most wonderful boyfriend and i'm just so happy. Wow, happiness beyond happiness. I'm listening to the good version of run (snow patrol) Happy times. Laptopping hurts my back. :( Lol, Justin is all fast asleep, its adorableeee. He's getting too big for that basket now i need to get him a cot as soon as i get a place because obviously there's no room here at all. I would say i have ittle to say tonight but in actual fact there's alot on my mind i just can't get it out at the moment, mainly to do with mine and Mikes chat last night... lol. I'm well looking forward to swimming tomorrow, me & lou are going the pub after too, i think. I don't know what to wear though, i'm thinking my new jeans and top with my newish black shoes providing i can find them lol. And Kirstys jacket if she dosn't see me and rob it back, then i'd cry, lol. Ami and Amber really rock lmao...

[b][i]Ami[/i][/b] And already Im wasting away says:
there is no ctrl button on rambos computer, rambo is always in controll


*comment on a photo of a slut with her legs open*
Amber - I thought i could smell something fishy.


I love my friends, going to see Amber next week, well c
huffeed lol. :) Right i think i'm done blogging for now ly all. x

Well, i wasn't gone for long. lol. Been having a big chat with Ami though about the whole me and Mike thing, i actually kind of told him whats going on in my silly little head with her help and advice haha i basically just said that i'm just really scared and don't want to rush into anything and such, he said he will wait, how amazing is that? :) awhh, happy with life. on a totally different note...

That is just hilarious. lmao.
Night all.

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