Friday, 16 January 2009

A leader is a dealer in hope.

A leader is a dealer in hope. - Napoleon Bonaparte.

I'm STLL laughing at James' antics yesterday. Its just funny how he was so pleasent on the phone beforehand and such oh god, haha, i think i'm dying, its SO funny. Oh yeah, apparetly also i was an hour late from the time we didn't set... hmm. He said, ring me when you're on your way. I said, okay. So i did and then we left and if thats how long it took us to get there then thats how long it took us lmao he thinks he has a right to moan about my being apparently an hour late despite the fact that we didn't set a time so it would have been physically impossible to be late! and i'm sure you all remember him picking Justin up at 1pm (4:30pm) So yeah, he can just shut his face really. Anyway this is going to be my last blog now until sunday night, possibly monday morning! You all gunna miss my blogging? i know i'm going to miss post secrets! damn it. lol. Also, if anyone happens to know where in birmingham they're showing my bloody valentine in 3D let me know because me and Ami can only find it in the cinema up broad street and i'm a little bit banned... lol. Its a long story i shan't go into lol. I expecting it to be showing at Vue in star city but apparently no. Justin had me up at 4am this morning for a bottle, hungry bugger bless him. I don't mind, infact when i went back to bed at about half 5am i was more awake than i am now, perhaps i should have stayed up? lol. I actually contemplated it but i hate being up stupidly early in the morning when noone else is and there's nothing to do or anything like that i end up smoking ridiculous amounts and i simply cannot afford to do so at the moment lol. I wonder if i'll have any post this morning. I brought some new underwear via online shopping the other day not sure when it's going to come though i got an email yesterday telling me it had been posted and i should receive it within 3-5 days so, hopefully within 3-5 days lol. We can't go clubbing on the sunday (my birthday) next week because Cathryn's still at Ami's so i don't know what we're doing now, perhaps pub, perhaps nothing, perhaps i just have no idea what so ever but will figure it out at a later date lol. all i know is, blackpool funtimes then family meal funtimes and then, well after that is blank, i so know though that it may be a good idea for me to search out my passport so i have id because i STILL haven't filled in the form for my provision because i've simply had more important things to do (i say while blogging) lol, i should probably try getting my priorities straight really) Anyways i'm off to play with/feed/change monster munch (new new nickname) and wait for Loulabellybumsexpot (new new nickname) haha looking forward to this weekend! FUNTIMESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

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