Monday, 19 January 2009

Commitment leads to action. Action brings your dream closer.

Commitment leads to action. Action brings your dream closer. - Marcia Wieder.

I cannot stress what an amazing weekend i've had. Its been fantastic not only because of the friends i had already but also because of the ones i made. There's little point putting into writing every detail of the weekend because for starters that would take ages lol. But it was amazing. Bar falling down the hilly thing and cutting my entire right hand side to ribbons lol & also the trauma with the coach getting home! But other than that, its been fantastic, ily all. and now i'm home and i can't wait to see my baby again, i've missed him so so much. Today is a good day, i'm so happy. My myspace really needs a good update, its abit plain and boring at the moment, i can't be bothered right now though so i might do it later. I'm ever so tired, god knows why, i've slept for about ten hours today lol. I'm having a right stress with my jeans because of the huge cut on my side, i can't find anything i own that sits comfortably above or below it so my waist bands keep digging into it, PAIIINN! :( lol. I'm having such a i just can't be bothered day today, i've still got my slippers on lol and a hugeee cardie. Anyway i'm off to try and find something a little more productive to do. :) lol.

Justin's having a little nap bless him. :) I'm trying stupidly hard to upload all the pictures from the residential but its not letting me, i think its letting me put a couple up on my myspace now though which is kind of good. :) lol. I can't wait to see all the pics everyone else has aswell lol. Looking forward to blackpool this weekend too & the family meal sunday and then NEXT week i start my dance classes. :) Busy bee, social butterfly and other types of insects. :) Oh yes, i phoned bromford this morning and i'm currently next on the waiting list, so hopefully i'll have a place soon but i'm going to ring the housing wednesday anyway. I've got an appointment at the newington thursday morning also. So everything seems to be getting sorted out now. Which is jolly good jolly good. I'm starving i really want some toast but i've got to wait untiol Bella has finished her tea or she will want some lol. Ttfn. x

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