Tuesday, 20 January 2009

In the hopes of reaching the moon men fail to see the flowers that blossom at their feet.

In the hopes of reaching the moon men fail to see the flowers that blossom at their feet. - Albert Schweitzer.

I am determined to stay up now, i'm hoping to be able to actualy stay up when i get up for Justins first feed because i actually seem to be tireder when i go back to bed and wake up again around 9ish. God knows why. So i'm going to go for a cigarette in a moment, do some bottles and have a shower. I can't find the phone changer, i darent tell my dad just yet because its his charger lol and i have NO idea where it is i've emptied both bags out, unless i've left it at Ami's then its pretty much gone forever! lolz. I might have to nip up chelmsley wood and get one from the phone shop in the market. I could go thursday i've got an appointment at the newington thursday morning i THINK Louisa has the joys of being my 9am babysitter, i'm sure she will hate me for it but i love her anyway lol. :) My dad just walked past singing "i'm gunna have sex on the beach... with a dolphinnn" How upsetting is that? My dad kind of creeps me out at times lol. I can't believe i'm going to be eighteen at the end of this week, its ridiculous lol. I can't find my passport though so it dosn't really matter as i still wont be able to buy cigarettes or alcohol lmao. i'm hoping to find it before we go to blackpool this weekend but i don't really get much time to look because my free time tends to be when Justin is asleep and Justin sleeps in my room and my passport is somewhere in my room so you know, if i went looking for it i'd wake hi up and he'd be... whats the word? when you're moody because you're tired? I think it begins with a c but i can't for the life of me remember it, damnit lol. Right, here's a couple of pictures from the resi, not many though because it takes forever to upload them lol.

I think i'm going to be off for a cigarette now. I wonder if my dad will let me borrow his camera again for this weekend, its not the best of camera's though to be honest Ami's phone camera is better what with her having the samsung pixon lol so i might just nag her to take a trillion photographs lol. Right, cigarette. tattybyes. x

I stayed up, yays lol. My phone is totally dead now so i need to find that charger asap really lol. Either that or buy one. I've had several cigarettes, washed some bottles and had my breakfast (peanut butter and banana on toast YUMMY) so all that's left now before munch wakes up is to have a quick shower and get dressed then i'm going to feed and dress him and well, do pretty much nothing but play with him all day. I can't take him out because i don't have his hat, its at James' moms. Bummer being its the only one that fitsd him and i went out especially to buy it, so i could take him out... lol. Major bummer also being, i need to go out today. I'm deffinately going to need it for Thursday. I'm not sure mind how thursday is going to work, i need to get to Lou's with Justin so thats a taxi job meaning i need the carseat and then she's watching him while i go to the newington center but then i have to take him to the baby clinic which is a pram job, and i can't for the life of me remember how to fold the pram up lol. Also, the car seat dosn't fit on my new pram because obviously its not made for it, i didn't really think through buying a new pram did i? I need to work out what car seat fits on it and buy it lol but i'm pretty sure its an old pram so i don't know if they even do it anymore, damnit. Mike booked the hotel last night lol but because we did it abit late someone has to stay in the room with a bunk bed as opposed to a double bed, Lauren has offered lmao which i can imagine Kurtis isn't thrilled about lolz! I'm just checking my bank now to see how upsettingly poor i am lol. I need to buy a computer/laptop for when i get a place so i can well, use the internet and such but i'm not really sure whats good and what isn't and also obviously i'm not the richest of people lol so i'm ebaying it, my dad said he will help me look later though. The good thing about it taking so long to get a place (i'm doing the always look on the bright side thing) is that by the time i have a place i will be old enough to get the internet lol. I have £10 in my bank, well £10 that isn't going out at some point today but i do have more in my saver account lol. I really can not wait until i have my own place but i've forgotten my pin for the solihul home options website which is a bit of a bitch so once i've gotten Justin up and fed him and all that i'll be ringing the housing to ask for it, hopefully there will be somewhere available that noone wants bar me lol. Though i can't see that happeneing you never know, on the website though it says i'm a lower band than i actually am and i can't find any change or circumstance form thats supposed to be there, just the main application form so i guess i'll have to ring again tomorrow afternoon as well to talk to Naoimi about it. I've decided aswell by the way that i'm going to try and save money/lose weight by cutting out on the ridiculous amounts of junk i eat meaning no more chippy & mcdonalds because i can't be bothered to cook/am just bored. Anyways i'm off for a shower now before monster munch gets up. :) peace & love x

So i'm done in the shower and i'm dressed (though not very well i must admit) and what not but Justin is still asleep, i don't realy want to wake him unless its nessasery though so i'll leave him until half 9 and then he's due his bottle. I can't remember if i saw eastenders last night or not, i think i caught the last 15 mins of it though so i'll just get over it and hopefully watch it tonight provided there's no football on (the reason i missed it last night) I have kate nash, mouthwash stuck in my head and i don't have it to listen to to get it out of my head lol. I'm going to have to find it via myspace. Me and Amber are having a merry chat about lemons lol how odd. everything i think of lemons now i think of Louisa though because of her initials (LMN) See, LEMON. hahahaha. i love Louisa but she gets sad with me because i call her auntie dyke lmfao. Talking about auntie dyke i guess i should start getting Justins christening/naming ceremony/whatever it is we're having organised, urgh, that means phoning James. i've got no mins left at the moment anyway and i have NO idea how much i've gone over by, probably a stupidly high amount though so i'm not looking forward to my next bill, i don't even know when it's due lol not for abit i dont think, god knows how i've managed to use all that so quickly. Damnit. then again i was on the phone to Mike for an hour this weekend lolz! tut tut. My entire body is literally covered in bruises from this weekend lmao, its ridiculous but quite funny, quite painful to actually lol, right, i'm going to phone the housing, peace & love. xxx

wow i'm shocked Justin is still asleep, i'm going to go and have a cigarette and let him get a little more sleep and i'll get him up around ten because he hasn't stirred at all so he can't be that hungry lol. Bless his little cotton socks. I can't wait to start weaning him i'm really excited but i'm going to try and wait until we've seen the health visitor on thursday because well, it just makes sense really and he's only little so its not like he will be missing out or anything, he's nearly 5 months mind, how shocking is that!?!?!?! 19 weeks today! It's madness. It's gone WOW so fast! lol. My little babys getting all big and i have NO idea where the time has gone! :O :'(

:o Trust Kurtis to know everyone, he knows Greg ^see photo's above^ lolz how funny. Awh me and Louisa have decided to start taking Justin to a mother and baby swimming group as a lesbian couple on fridays :) how lovely. & i start my dance classes next week :). Me & Lou are going to asda in a bit so i can pick up aload of random bits and bobs including a swimming costume and Josie's birthday pressie (i had NO idea it was her birthday today) lol. Justin woke up around half ten by the way and had his bottle at eleven he's just gone back to bed though, lazy sod. I really don't know why he is so tired all the time, i'm going to have a word with the health visitor thursday because he sleeps through every night for about 12 hours and then sleeps for about 6 hours in the day, its madness. Its probably normal, i don't know, i've never done this before! lol. Well he's a very happy and contented baby so i can imagine nothing's wrong. :) Getting my tattoo next monday, excitement. Funtimes. Wow i have a very full life. :) I've also decided to put my new myspace link into the sidebar. So if you want to add me. :)

Had a lovely time at asda but spent just a weetle bit too much money, damn it Louisa has got me saying weetle bit lmao, talking about Louisa she's gone and got herself a boyfriend with 6 children, also he's old enough for her to be one of them! lmao. How funny. I love Louisa lol. going to see Carly tomorrow, funtimes. Oh, Justin's just let out a great big wail despite being asleep two seconds ago, infact, he's asleep again now, how odd. Bless his little cotton socks, ooh i brought him some new socks today actually :) lol. I think my dads a little annoyed about the mising charger, i will have another look for it later but in all fairness i can't blame him lol the one we have it toally bollocks and just really dosn't work lol. God, i'm STARVING, my dad wants to use the computer in a moment so i'll maybe cook myself something then :) funtimes. Anyways i'm off to well, i don't know, live lol. Damnit i'm missing eastenders & david's on the Wii, i'll watch it at ten instead then. :) lol.

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