Thursday, 22 January 2009

I do good but i'm no angel, i'm no devil but i do sins.

I do good but i'm no angel, i'm no devil but i do sins. - Marilyn Monroe

THE COMPUTER IS BROKEN! damn my life, explains my lack of bloggage yesterday. I'm at Louisa's at the moment dancing to REGGAE REGGAE SAUCE!!!!! We are currently in the small village called louisaville in the capital city Jessinton of the little known european country asda which is where our strawberries are from. :) haha okay so a quick breif of life yesterday and today... Well, Yesterday i went to Carly's and spent the day with her and i had a lovely day bar Justin having a strop in the middle of Chelmlsley, i hate it when that happens, i mean he was hungry so i just had to take him to mcdonalds to warm up a bottle but on the way i always feel like people are judging me you know? It's not fun. Also i had a lovely yet stupidly long chat with Mike on the phone, not seen him in forever but seeing him tomorrow so yays. I'm still covered in cuts and bruises from the weekend and i'm adding to them with my clutzyness this week! I have no cigarettes today so i'm stealing from Lou and her mom at the moment, poor me. I can't take Justin to the baby clinic today because of the terrible weather and my lack of a rain cover which isn't good so i'm going to phone the health visitor in a bit and see if she can maybe come round soon but i'll take him to the clinic up by green lane on wednesday if need be, a few days wont make much of a difference though i am considering weaning him today anyway because he's getting grizzly very often, he woke me up at 5am this morning instead of his usual half 6-7ish and he's guzzling his bottles down like mad bless him. All is good other than that mind, i don't really know its strange having to do thingsa you've never done before because you're never sure if you shjould be doing what your doing or if there is anything else you should be doing, does that make sense? oh and yesterday also i decided it would be clever to sit in a puddle, it wasn't, it was cold. Justin's just woke up and is chatting to the telly, i think we're watching dragons den, yes we are, hence the reggae reggae sauce :) funtimes. I had an appointment at the newington center thismorning hence why i'm at Louisa's she babysat Justin for me while i went, she offered, keep this in mind. but now she isn't happy with life because he shat on her hand and she had a panic attack lmfao lmfao lmfao lmfao i think its one of the funniest things i've ever been told but apparently that is not so lmao. oh yes, to explain the strawberry situation, Louisa brought in a box of them and said "i wonder where these are from" and i looked over and said "asda" to which she replied "oh i thought they were from spain or something" lmfao, how funny. In actual fact they are from Egypt. lmao. I didn't know they grfew strawberries in Egypt i thought it was just sand, shows how ignorant to the world i am. Damn, i feel dumb. Oh i met a lovely new friend at the newington center today we shared a taxi into Chelmsley wood. He had a dog only it wasn't a real dog in actual fact it wasn't even a stuffed toy it was simply thin air, he was walking around holding an imaginairy lead yelling sit and stay and such it was hilarious, a terrier apparently. Lol bless him he was lovely. Louisa seems to find it hilarious and appropriate to tell my son i gave the milkman head, i'm not sure when this happened but even if i did its not really appropriate to tell Justin that lolz i've just said "Lou don't he's taking that in" She still finds it funny i think. Lolz she will stop when he starts talking apparently. We're taking him swimming tomorrow i'm really looking forward to it in a way but also in a way i'm just not, i've brought a tankini so my stomach won't be on show much so its not going to be THAT bad but the back of my legs and such are so flabby and covered in strech marks that they really should not be seen in public at all, ever. Me and Carly have decided we want to have girls now lmao. Mikes reply to me saying that was worrying lmao. Awh bless Justin he's playing with his feet and pulling his little sockys off, bless. Haha now he's playing wheels on the bus with Lou's mom. OH GOD THERE'S UPSETTING CHILDREN DANCING ON THE TELLY IT MAKES ME SAD AND SCARED AND ALARMED. I'm not entirely sure what they're asking for money for but apparently it envolves scary dancing. Wow i'm really quite cold. I've got a lovely yellow black and white skirt for the meal on sunday im rather looking forward to it. I like merry little do's. I'm well looking forward to blackpool though but i can imagine something is going to go terribly terribly wrong lmao. Right Justin is due his bottle in ten mins and i'm trying to work out weather i should start weaning him now or not? oooohh i don't think not being able to make decisions, i don't like having to make them in the first place, i never know what to do, i'm so indecicive. I really don't know if i should or not. I guess i will just play by ear. I do not have much money left at all! Its not good i need to pay for a taxi home in a bit and then a taxi to the swimming baths tomorrow and swimming tomorrow and alcohol for the weekend and a taxi into town saturday morning and then stuff in blackpool and such. damn it. I have to go anyway because Louisa's laptop battery is yelling at me. peace & love x

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