Wednesday, 14 January 2009

He who has imagination without learning, has wings and no feet

He who has imagination without learning, has wings and no feet - Joseph Joubert.

I didn't blog much yesterday, i was swamped. Went to the housing and filled in my form and i was supposed to do a change of circumstances online but i have no idea how I'm supposed to do that so I've got to ring Naomi later and ask lol. Also, I've lost my forms for the Residential so i might not be able to go, sad times, Lou is going to see what she can do for me today though, hopefully we will be able to work something out! I really do want to go. I need to pick up some trainers and my tracksuit from James' if i am going though so my dads going to take me over tomorrow evening. I am absolutely shattered lol. Its ridiculous. Justin's on his little play mat playing with his little feet lmao. Its silly getting baby's toys when they're so interested in other things, like their feet and ceilings... lmao. And the telly lol it fascinates him bless. Going for a shower in a moment i think lol and then i'll need to get myself up to green lane to the cashpoint & Veira's. Might go into Chelmsley today not sure yet though, depends how cold it is lol. Well, thats all for now anyway, back shortly i'm sure. :)

Today is a proud proud day for me. I sowed up the hole in the back of my jeans. :) and it hasn't come undone again. :D Wooooot. I haven't sowed up the huge one in my jeans though 'cuz Justin got bored so i played with him for abit instead, i'll do that one when he has his nap later. He's getting tired already but the health visitor will be here in twenty mins so i may aswell keep him up, unless she's going to be late, AGAIN. In which case i will put him to bed around ten past! lol.
He's got the cutest stripey jammies on bless him. :) how adorable. :) Imma put his spiderman jeans on him later lol. Right, i'm off to play anyways i think he's getting annoyed sitting on my lap lol. ly all. x

Health visitor was late again. Justin was having a little nap but its okay because we had a lovely chat and she's phoned up the newington for me i should get my appointment through in the post sometime soon. She's going to phone up bromford for me aswell and see whats going on there because she said she knows there's a few people moving out of the one near me (not the only Carly's in) and if i'm only 3rd on the list, surely i would have been offered a place by now? Lol, god knows i just want to find somewhere, soon! I've got to go to the baby clinic on thursday the 22nd and she's coming to visit again some time in February. Well, i got Justin up to see her anyway expecting him to scream and whine when i tried putting him back down afterwards but he's gone straight to sleep bless the little thing. He is very tired, very often... lol. Well, he plays alot i guess. :) She asked me how i felt about Justin lol, i told her having him was the best thing i've ever done and it really was. x

So, not only am i the idiot that wrote sowed instead of sewed i am also the idiot who cannot sew, the hole in my jeans came lose again. Damn it. I also just gave myself an electric shock. Funtimes, i'm so clever. Brought some baby weaning stuff today like you know, baby rice, spoons, containers and stuff. How merry is that? My little boys getting all big stupidly fast! lol. I can't believe he's already 18 weeks old (thats around 4 1/2 months for those of you who can't be bothered to work it out) Dmn it, yet again i had loads to write but have forgotton it when it comes to writing it, i always do that if i'm walking or on a bus i think about loads of stuff and then when the time comes to write it down, its gone. Damn damn damn. I've decided finally what to use my beautiful book as, it's going to be a 2009 memory book. Starting with the residential :) I wanted to keep one last year but in all fairness, it wasn't the best of years, it will always be my favorite because its the year i had my baby boy but other than that, it wasn't the greatest of years. Hopefully this year will be and if it is i'll have my beautiful memory book to prove it. How good. Went to Mikes today for abit and he stole Justin as always :( haha sad times. Justin's been being so good recently. I decided today he's getting abit too big to wear baby gro's all the time now so i got him proporly dressed today and plan to from now on, bar at night time when he wears baby grows. :) lol, peace & love you KNOW i'll be back later. x

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