Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Happiness does not consist in pastimes and amusements but in virtuous activities.

Happiness does not consist in pastimes and amusements but in virtuous activities. - Aristotle.

Morning all. Carly invited me out to the pub last night so my dad had Justin for a couple of hours, had a fucking amazing night but now i am hungover to the max. :( Cant write much this morning because Justins abit clingy after his jabs yesterday and he enjoys whacking the kayboard so i type random letters and such haha. I don't know if anyone that came last night reads my blog but you all rock anyways. Especially Carly, girl i fucking love you i always have you areee number oneee :D. I think i'm meeting Carly in Chelmsley later, that is if i can be bothered to get dressed what with me being super hungover. lol. Shower should sober me up in a moment! :) Peace & love all. x

Justin's lying quietly on his playmat lol, he's not very active at all today, due to his jabs i imagine. Poor baba. Then again he seems more than contented to just lie there lol. So, my income support hasn't come in! I have no clue why but i will be phoning the job center shortly. I don't know what time it opens on a wednesday though. lol. Ten, i think. and i've got to call the housing later and talk to Naomi. Problem is i can't remember my NI number, well i probably can i'm probably just panicing because its saved in the phone i gave my dad yesterday and i'm not sure if what think it is is what it is and all my letters and under a huge pile of stuff that i can't possibly move in my current hungover state. Damn life. I love it. :) I'm listening to Matchbox twenty, good times. :):) I would say, actually depressing times but its gotten to a point where although some of the songs are depressing i love the band so much that it makes me happy anyway because i saw them live in may and they were brillaint and well, ya. lol. Awhhhh bless Mike last night he says "i hope you realised i'm never giving up music" (or something to that effect) Lol, i should bloody well hope not either, silly thing. :) right, fag, shower, dress and die times. Well, hopefully not the last one but you get what i mean, :) Love ya'll. xxx

"We're sorry but all our lines are still busy at the moment please hold and listen to a wonderful piece of classical music while we charge the fuck out of you even though you can't afford it because considering the options you have chosen while speaking to our friendly recorded voice we have fucked up yet again, thankyou for holding, we're sorry but all our lines are still busy at the moment"

That is all i have to say at this moment in time.

wow, so after twenty mins of calling i get.
"blah blah give me your details blah blah tax credits blah blah our mistake blah blah information blah blah send the payment out today"

Atleast my moneys going to come through.
funtimes, now i get to have the same funtimes phoning the housing at 1.
Unless i'm meeting Carly in which case i'll be going down there but at the moment i cannot be bothered to move/shower/dress/even go buy fags. Which is horrendous because i only have like 2 left.

Justin is sleeping but not for long i imagine as he is due a feed in 25 mins. I finally had a shower and got dressed only to realise there was no point as i have nothing to do at all today because it keeps snowing and my rain cover is broken so i cannot leave the house. Bummer. I'm proper looking forward to Saturday, i may actually make myself look decent instead of the shables i looked last night lmao. and it realy was a shambles. Ew, christ. Lol, i will force Carly to come shopping with me earlier in the day before we go and i will make her make me beautiful haha. Well, i will make her help me find a nice outfit. Its chillyyyyy and i dislike it! :( Got to phone the housing at about one. My dads stolen his charger back off me so i am phone less or atleast i will be when my battery dies which i can imagine will be soon sad times. I might steal it back when noone is looking, which means while Eileen and Bella were out would have been a good idea, but they're back now, damn it. I really really want a digital camera! lol. Especially considering how bad the camera is on this phone! lol :(

My fucking phone has been cut off, JUST. I gave James the money to pay it yesterday so he should have by now! I NEED MY PHONE TO CALL THE HOUSING FFS. I can't use the house phone because of the cost and such, most numbers are blocked anyway. I can't ring the housing for another half hour anyway because my workery person isn't in. but seriously. FOR FUCKS SAKE!

So, James can't pay my bill because his legs have fallen off so he has no way of getting to the bank. Oh dear, poor thing. I've told him now that he can just forget it. Thats twice its been cut off now in the past 12 weeks! thats like what, 3 bills or something? and its been cut off twice, once he did it to be funny because he was in a mood with me and once (today) because he can't be bothered to go to the bank. Apparently its my fault because i didn't give him the money last week. Hmmmm, Sureee it is.... Well, whatever anyway, i'll get my own contract in 18 days and ill use that and ILL pay that and it WONT be getting cut off. So i'll have a new number soon people. :) He can deal with the contract, its in his name.

Excitement at the fact that the majority of the blackpool thing is sorted now. Just need Mikes & Laurens confirmation. :) Funtimes. Excitedddddddddddddddddddddddddddd. Whoo. That was pretty much all i had to say. i'm too tired to think straight tonight, bedtime soon i think! lol.

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