Monday, 5 January 2009

For hope is but the dream of those that wake.

For hope is but the dream of those that wake. - Matthew Prior.

Good morning all, no i'm joking i didn't just wake up, i'm not that bad, i woke up about an hour and a half ago lol. And i am all showered and ready to go, i just need to pop to veira's to pick up some cigarettes and probably pop to the cashpoint maybe? yeah. lol. I left my gloves at Ami's last night, sad times sad times. lol. Why is it every winter i insist on wearing skirts? Lol no, its not actually my fault today, i've lost both pairs of my skinny jeans, i should probably buy some more, hmm. I have my bootcut jeans but they need washing and all the rest are grey, and i'm not grey anymore. :). I need to stop buying things via ebay, its not good, its a bloody addiction though i tell you. lol. There should be some kind of group, ebayers anon, it would work i'm telling you. i'm not that bad mind, my feedback is only 42 so i can't have brought/sold that much ey? Its all 100% though, :) woot. I'm a model ebayer. haha. I cant believe there's still snow on the ground, its amazing. :) Okay then i'm off now, need to phone Ami & get fags & get a taxi. :)

I'm at Lou's at the moment, i just read the new comment on todays blog, it made me happy that someone remembered my post secret blog and perhaps thought of me when they saw that paticular secret, unfortunately it isn't me, but it could have been quite easily, i haven't sent mine off yet, i keep forgetting but thankyou for the reminder i will be sending them off tomorrow morning!
Me & Lou are off to Ami's now, peace & love to you all. x

Again i realise that it is techinically tuesday, but this is about monday so... We went to Ami's and had a nice drink, then we went to the cinema and snuck a bottle of sours into a lemonade because we're cool like 12 year olds :) we also spilt two large lemonades, luckily without sours in lmfao because we're twats, for the lol of life i left the film half way through to buy two bags of m&m's and a hotdog, THEN we went to frankie and bennys for a meal that cost far far far too much! lol. but funtimes all the same, Ami and Lou have the photo's though, i need a camera, lol. I don't actually have as much to say as i thought i did. I get Justin back tomorrow, woooo, his jabs are tomorrow though, poor thing at half 12. Poor munch. :(:( Peace & love.


  1. post secret is up today
    i plan to start the new year with no secrets
    is that you?