Sunday, 4 January 2009

Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.

Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. - Harold R. McAlindon

Due to the lack of blogging yesterday (was out and when i got home couldn't get on the computer) I shall blog for yesterday. Me & Ami & Mike went to pizza hut in solihul & it was ace haha & then we got some drink in and had a saw (the films) fest at Ami's, well i say fest, we watched one two and three, i love those films, i love Shawnee smith. =] I can't be bothered with 1000 details but it was a wicked day. lol :) I'll put photo's up as soon as Ami sends them to me lol.

I genuinely believe this could be my life. LOL.

I love post secret, so glad they put secrets up this week. :). Think I'm meeting Zoie at some point today but I'm not sure, god knows. lol. Oh dear god, last night the worst happened, i genuinely got my foot stuck in a bucket! how ridiculous right? It was a bucket full of toy cars also! Pain to the max, funny though. hahahahahahaha. Wow, when i started this it seemed like i had so much more to say than i do. I've been having that problem quite a bit recently, i just can't seem to think of anything to write, even though there's a million things i could say. hmmm. Going to see Lou tomorrow, fun times and finally sorting out when I'm going to see Amber, well we've decided on mid Feb but I'm still not sure when haha.

Wow i miss Justin so so much, i hateeee him not being around, he's got his jabs on Tuesday, i need to ring up the doctors and find out what time tomorrow lol. I also need to go down to the housing. Grrr, life. What a stress. Nah, i love it, i really do. :( I left my alcohol at Ami's, sad times, I'll pick it up later and take it to Lou's on Monday :) fun times fun times, i enjoy alcohol a little too much. :) Haha, no, but i enjoy it a lot. Oddly enough i stayed sober last night which really is strange because i went past my usual limit lol. Sad times, getting drunk is becoming more and more expensive. I really want to get so bladdered i can't remember my name again because that is fun times. Unless obviously your friend breaks their foot attempting to dance with you, but in general its fun times. I've not had a cigarette all day, how shocking, well i only woke up at like 10 to one and since then I've had a shower and got dressed and blogged so i guess it makes sense but still lol, shocking right? I still can't believe i got my foot stuck in a bucket yesterday! That was probably the funniest yet most painful and traumatising thing to happen to me all year, yes i realise the year has only just begun, but it wasn't the funniest thing ever. lol. I have one decent picture from yesterday but i will have to wait for Ami to send me the rest, some of them were actually really nice on Ami's phone. lol.

Okay, that will do for now, I'm going for a fag. Peace & love. x

Going to Ami's in a moment to pick up the drink i let there yesterday & meeting Mike on the way lolz. I shan't explain but i keep having such "omg i'm a girl moments" its getting rather annoying haha. you know the type, like, "ew i broke my nail arrgghh" or "oh but these shoes are suede" hahahaha Its so annoying.
Jess. this is the most fun i've had without lubricant. says:
Hehe ew, i keep having such girl moments. I need a nice manly burp to bring me back.
[c=7][b]Ami Orange[/b][/c] [i]She said, she said, 'Why don't you just drop dead'[/i] says:
yes yes
[c=7][b]Ami Orange[/b][/c] [i]She said, she said, 'Why don't you just drop dead'[/i] says:
do itttt
Jess. this is the most fun i've had without lubricant. says:
i did
haha. peace & love.

Okay so i know its technically monday now but i can't be bothered to write about today on mondays blog, if that makes sense? I think it does, wow I'm SO SO SO SO happy, and i couldn't even tell you why, life, is just amazing. Dear god i'm happy. I have amazing friends, i have a beautiful son, i have a walking cheese factory for a boyfriend :P haha and god damn it i'm just happy. :D Met Mike for abit earlierr merry times, we stood in the cold for a stupid amount of time doing nothing at all :) Went to Ami's to pick up my drink, sadly, well, happily, we ended up drinking it, was supposed to meet Zoie but she didn't text me back with a timee and i wanted to go out so i dragged Ami to the cinema instead we wen't to see yes man, it was great and higly amusing and well yes. HAHAHA YES OMG. (just to clarify, i am not drunk, at all though i was slightly tipsy earlier) but yeah, there was a power cut so we missed about 5 mins of the end of the film and it was alarming and sad and everyone left but me and Ami refused to and then the film came back on so HAHAHAHAHAHA to all the sorry bastards that couldn't wait it out, but then we complained anyway and got two free emergency tickets to go see whatever we want whenever we want, fun times but i bet we loose them haha. and then when we got outside, IT WAS FUCKING SNOWING. Omg its so beautiful, wow i love the snow it is so fucking beautiful and its sticking and everything and wow i'm just so happy, i'm so happy i text nearly everyone in my phone book saying "i am so happy" because i fucking am, life, is a fucking amazing thing, and it might be shit sometimes, but i don't care, because the good times make up for it all the time, i'm just SO SO SO SO HAPPY. and we're all going to blackpool for my birthday, leaving on the saturday morning and coming back on the sunday afternoon and then going up townnn, good times yesum? I THINK SO. God, I'M SO FUCKING HAPPY. Also, i have the pictures from yesterdayy so i'll put some up in a second lol. Wow, this is quite a short bnlog, i thought i had more to say than that, i just feel so full of life and energy and happyness, everything is so perfect, its not, i mean everythings still the same but i'm that happy that it just dosn't matter anymore. It just dosn't. Because life is brilliant BECAUSE its not perfect if it wasn't for the bad you wouldn't see the good, and i do i do i do i'm so happy, god, i sound like a maniac, i'm going to stop now, but wow, i'm so happy.

This first one is my favorite picture at the moment lol.

and to make life a little funnier, i shall add a snippet from mine and Lou's conversation...

Jess. this is the most fun i've had without lubricant. says:
she is beautiful.
Archie. Take Your Protein Pills And Put Your Helmet On. says:
lol are you masturbating
Jess. this is the most fun i've had without lubricant. says:
i wish i were but my hands are far too cold.

Lol at life, i love it.
As my mom said earlier, i do have some weird conversations, funny though. :)

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