Wednesday, 17 December 2008

We make our fortunes, and we call them fate.

We make our fortunes, and we call them fate. - Earl of Beaconsfield

Good morning all, i'm rather happy with life. When i went to the job center yesterday Darren said they try and sort out under eighteen income support claims within 48 hours so i got overly chuffed only to realise i was dumb enough to accidently give them the wrong account number. Lol, i'll have to phone them in a moment when i can find the right number. hahahahahaha lol at me. I borrowed Josie's dress yesterday and i swear to god i did not want to take it off, my tits looked fantastic, even if i do say so myself. :) lol. hahaha i really can't be bothered to get dressed today, i may just sit around in my jammies all day, i don't think i have any plans, but then again i will probably need cigarettes at some point. Taking Justin to Kurtis' tomorrow. :) I'm so happy to have him back, i know its only wednesday but tomorrow will be thursday and then friday and then way too quickly its saturday and i don't have Justin anymore. :'( I hate how fast life is going but how slowly things are happening if that makes sence? Like i left James' 9 weeks ago tomorrow and it just feels like its gone so fast yet everything going so slowly in the way that things money and housing wise have only just started happening. Its wierd and i don't like it. Lol. What i do like however is that i've finally got my child benefit sorted. :) That will help get the ball rolling on everything else, proved by the fact that once i've phoned income support this morning it should be sorted within 48 hours of that. Also the fact that my tax credits should hopefully come through next tuesday. Right before christmas lol. So, i guess i'm going my shopping on christmas eve or christmas eve's eve. lol. If it comes in, it might not come through until the tuesday after. I can't believe its christmas next week. Still don't know when me Lou & Matt are going the pub, we may aswell wait until after my birthday now lol. God knows. I'm still really quite upset that a friend of mine has betrayed me in the way they did. Apparently someone text James on a number he didnt know saying i was kissing Kaine and other things saturday night and gave him his number.
Now that is far from true.
So who was it? Please tell me honestly because
i'm getting so sick of people spreading shit about me and causing drama that i'm ready to pop. I'm not going to be pissed off i just really want to know what the fuck is going on and which one of my "friends" is trying to make my already stressful life harder. Its not fair on me and its just really stressing me. I don't want to lose any of my friends over this but unless someone owns up to whatever has been done/said then i'm going to have to cut alot of people lose because i understand that everyone makes mistakes but i really don't have room in my life for people that are going to do something like this and lie about it. I know all my friends read my blog so i know who ever it was is reading this, please, just tell me. Because to be honest, i think you're a bitch whoever you are if you've done this simply to cause trouble but i can also understand that that may not be the reason, so please, if you can just come forward and explain then things will be fine and dandy, if not, its obvious you were doing it to cause trouble and well you can fuck off and die as far as i'm concerned because you're obviously not concered about me. Wow, Bella's doing so bloody well with her walking now she can just about toddle around the living room table. :) Justin's still in bed bless him he was knackered when he got up this morning, i guess its being out last night really. Can't wait until he gets up proporly and i can see if he likes his new baby gym. I think its wonderful lol but you never know with babies how they're going to react lol. There will be pictures as soon as i have them. Also there will be a picture from the awards ceremony last night as soon as Loulabele comes online. lol.


Got James raving on now asking for Mikes number because he thinks its a good idea to try and start trouble, i don't know what his fucking problem is. How stupid. Lol, i don't have time in my life for this, but it does make me laugh when James gets into that stage where he thinks he's gangster lmao. Such as "you're gettin wid next mans" and "i aint startin fings am finishin um" lol, surely he knows by now that i know by now that he's a pussy and a wimp and can't do shit? lol. I've told him if he starts trouble then he's just asking for trouble and anything he does will come back on him and effect his son and their relationship but i actually don't think he cares. Oh well, let him try it, i don't think hes got the guts to start things, he's all talk. The majority of men that hit women can't hit men. So i'll just sit back and see how all this plays out. Lol at life, phoning the job center now and making some toast. Justin's still sleeping lol.


New Photo's of Justin and his baby gym which he seems to really enjoy, but at first only if i was playing with it with him, he seems contented on his own with it now though. Chattering along to Mr Tiger, Mr Butterfly, Mr Giraffe & Mr Toucan. lol. As cute an adorable as it is. the tune it plays is begining to grate on me lmao. Oh well. He's so merry just lying there. :)

Justins sitting on my lap now having a lovely cuddle, we usually watch Jeremy Kyle about now, we watched the first one. (Yes Justin enjoys Jeremy Kyle, seriously) But i can't bring myself to watch the domestic abuse ones just yet so we're on here instead looking at pictures of Justin :)

Justin went straight to sleep with minimal fuss tonight. :) Good good boy. Lol i'm stupidly bored though. I'm on the lookout for a new pram at the moment i've been offered a lovely one for £10! How amazing, but i'm not sure on the size of it yet, the one i have is far too huge the only downside to this is that it dosn't come with a carseat... lol.

Considering my money should be in within a week or two i've decided to replace my countdown with a more positive one, a countdown till my birthday. :) woo woo. peace & love i'm off to bed shortly.

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