Thursday, 18 December 2008

Inspiration and genius--one and the same

Inspiration and genius--one and the same - Victor Hugo

Well my plan for today was get up at half six using Justin the human ever faithful alarm clock. :) My ever faithful alarm clock slept through until half 9. Hahaha bummer right? but bless him I'm not complaining about an extra few hours kip. So now I'm up and running late, well not so much late, I've given Justin his feed and his eye drops I've had a shower and got dressed all i need to do is sort out the change bag and do my hair & makeup i think. but still i was hoping to be up much earlier, meeting Kurtis at 2 in solihul, if the bus lets me on... lol ('cuz of the huge buggy) So i have to leave here about 1ish. I think anyway, I'll check the bus times actually that would be an idea. I've not had a fag this morning yet so I'm still all minty fresh from toothpaste, it almost makes me want to not smoke, but i will, I'll just savour the mintyness for a little while longer and then have a fag on my way to buy some chewing gum, best of both worlds. :) How fun. I got a text of Reese at like 1am this morning saying something like "its Reese cant you 2 work fings out 4 the baby my man talks about u 24 7 blad" or something equally hilarious, i text back saying "No. I'm happy now. :)" Not at 1am though, i didn't get it until i got up lol. Awhhh, Justin really does love his little baby gym :) lol. I wonder if there has been any post yet, I'm waiting for a doctors appointment and a health visitor visit and my tax credits award statement thingy. and probably many other things that i can't think of lol. Going to finish getting ready now, peace & love. x

Had a wonderful day, went round Solihull with Kurtis and then back to his and Mike came over and we all just chilled lol, everyone kept stealing Justin lol. :) Never did i ever in a million years think Mike would be pushing my pram walking me to the busstop lmao. Shocking how life turns out right? Well i had a fucking lovely time anyways. James' friends have been ringing me going on about James being a good man and such. I'm not being funny but it dosn't matter who says what, i'm just not interested anymore, i've told him this already and i think he's just being ridiculous pushing it, he's got no chance. I know in the past whenever we've split up we've gotten back together but come on, i left like 9 weeks ago now, if it was going to happen it would have by now, this time i'm serious because its not just me and him anymore there's a baby to think of and i know people are saying get back together for the baby but i don't think it would be the best thing for him, i'm sorry but no child should have to see his dad hit his mom, its not right, so no i don't think its "what is best for Justin" far from it. I have a killer headache and i'm exausted the only reason i'm up and blogging now is because i'm waiting for the steriliser to finish so i can make up some bottles. Got to go meet Lou tomorrow at 1 and my moms coming round saturday i think. :) Anyways peace & love peoples i'm off. x


  1. I can't help but LOL.

    Silly James...

    "my man talks about u 24 7 blad."


    Your Bellybum :P