Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Try not to become a man of success but a man of value.

Try not to become a man of success but a man of value. - Albert Einstein

You know when you wake up with no jeans on in a strange bed and panic and then realise its okay its only Kurtis' :D haha i love Kurtis. I also love today, my child benefit came through. :) I'm so so happy. So so happy. Its odd though thats not due till feb and my tax credits are due soon but the child benefit came through first :S I imagine i'll have the tax credits next week or something then. :) how amazingly fantastical. I'm so chuffed. Love lifeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Kurtis' moms borrowed my wig :) I'm not allowed it back until i bring Justin up to see her lol. :) So am meeting Kurt thursday :) Got to go home now and then the job center and then Lou's and then the awards ceremony and then home again lol. :) Owwcchhh, i have stomach ache. How sad for me. Kaine keeps texting me :) Apparently Mike said to him he best not hurt me because if he does he'l snap him in half because he thinks of me like a sis, thats so nice & Kaine said he wouldn't do that too me lol. He's lovely but he hardly knows me so idk... lol. God knows, i do like him though. :) haha. Lifeeee lol. Its so weird being single again, i forgot the trauma's of i like so and so and this and that, its brilliant. Despite being stressful. I spent the majority of my teenage years being with James so its nice to experience things i should have years ago lol. Aaahhh life, i'm rambling, i'm so exited about life today, i truly enjoy it. :)

Ohhh still happy happy happy, just got home and phoned the job center, i have an appointment with Darren at 11am. So... :) YAY FOR ME. Argh, happy happy happy. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY. You know when you're so releived and chuffed with a certain aspect of life that you forget about all the shit. :) argh, happy happy happy. Happy times happy times. Kurts promised we can go bowlinglikeoldtimes when i've got the money too. So even happier times, we just have to get Ami and Mike to agree but i don't see why they wouldn't lol.

Such a good start to the day aswell. The awards ceremony was great, bar the bust up with Lauren, i can't help that i don't like her though lol. but James ahs b een texting Kaine kicking off and telling him to fuck off and stuff... How ridiculous? So i phoned him to say like what and why and apparently he's kicking off about the fact that i'm dating already, news to me lol. Even if i was its none of his business. I want to know how he's got Kaine's number and such but apparently thats his business not mine. So i'm stupidly pissed off and feeling like im being stalked/spyed on. Its not a nice feeling at all. But, he can't even do that right because he's got his facts entirely wrong bgecause i am infact, not dating anybody. Cunt. I'm so fucking stressed tonight now. *angy face*

Big row with James, cba with details, pathetic, his usual, can't be bothered, what a stress.

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