Monday, 15 December 2008

Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall.

Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall. - Confucius.

Very little posting recently I've been out and busy almost none stop and I'm still not sure how to work the whole "blogging on the go" thing. Sorry. lol :). went to Ami's yesterday, drank alcohol, watched hairspray and remixed music, it was a truly shambolic yet entertaining yet traumatising night lmao. No post this morning or at least not for me. I did get my big hamper thingy yesterday though but obviously i was out when they delivered it so I've still not actually looked in it, its a huugeee thing. lol. Damn damn damn damn damn, I'm so bored and tired lol, I'd like to go for a cigarette but i have very few lol. Right hamper opening time...

That was full on amazing. That was wonderful. :) It has make up and straighteners and a hand blender and a girls aloud calender and a baby gym and baby wipes and nappies and food (including a box of celebrations :D). Awh, that was just fantastic.

I miss Justin, i want him back. :( I get him back tomorrow :D I'm so happy at that thought. Its still too far away mind. I need to fill in my income support form today and then tomorrow before i go to Lou's i have to go to the post office and go to the job center and go to get a photo done... lol. busy busy busy. I'm still bopping along to that Lilly Allen song you know, i really do like it. :D I have the vids of Mike now but it wont let me upload them for some random reason, i'll see what i can do but if i can put the up, take my word for it, he was amazing. lol. :) I'm so bored dd today is that day over the weekend James has Justin time where i have damn near nothing to do lol shower and fill in some forms, that, is it. How boring, fag times. :) I have new reviews by the way so they're on the side I'm getting quite good feedback from this, it makes me happy that people actually care/like to read what I'm thinking/writing/blogging. lol. Kaine's texting mee :) lol. I'm so ill again its truly upsetting i don't know how it happened but it makes me rather sad/mad lol. James is still ignoring me despite me ringing and texting him yesterday for something that is genuinely important, i told him it was genuinely important, but is he mature enough to just text/ring and say whats up? Clearly not. For fucks sake, fuck knows what happened there though, one day he was telling me how he wants to at least be friends and he hates arguing with me/not speaking to me and the next he's decided he don't want to speak to me again. lol. Its not like I'm bothered its just that i really need him to send me my chat logs from when i was living at his. Its like majorly important. Pfft, idiot. Ahhh life. lol. I suppose i should like go and fill in the 10000 pages of forms i have to fill in... grrr. lol peace & love. x

James is still ignoring me and i need his national insurance number for my income support form! wow this is stress full, fuck knows why he's ignoring me I've told him its important and serious and such, i text/rang him at like 5pm yesterday and i don't believe that he hasn't looked at his phone in the past 20 hours! I've had to text him mom asking her to ask him to get in touch with me! How ridiculous, ffs, certain people should just burn in hell. So i can't fill in all of the form at the moment but I've done the majority of it, some of it i will need help with at the job center tomorrow but other than that and James' National insurance number I'm sorted for that, only 4 more forms to fill in, ffs lol. I hate forms. James' mom has passed on my message that being "can you ask James to get in touch with me asap because its important" or something along those lines so lets hope he does, this is seriously important and i have the feeling he is just going to be a silly little child about it and continue to ignore me. Ffs. Lol this is a major stress, and also to my confusion I've been paid 9 pence interest into my bank. :S how odd. James' mom just asked if there was anything she could do so I've asked if she knows James' national insurance number, hopefully she does because it will save me waiting for James to contact me which he probably wont and talking to him if he did lol. I'm getting to a point where i know my national insurance number off by heart better than i do my name and d.o.b lol. How upsetting/funny. lol.

Omg i haven't been this relieved in a long time. Wow I'm much happier than i was ten mins ago. I just phoned tax credits and they've finally sorted out all of my details and they're just waiting for my award to come through so it could be any time now but won't be too long. I'M SO CHUFFED. argh. HAPPINESS TO THE 10000THH DEGREE. woot woot. I'm sad enough to be listening to the hairspray sound track. How funny. Meeting Kurtis at the bp at 6. :) I could do with Kurtis cuddles lol. =]

Cynical as it may sound despite the news I've just gotten I'm keeping my countdown on the side because generally whenever I'm up shit creek without a paddle and someone hands me one, i fall out reaching for it. So I'm being careful and safe, not cynical. lol. :)

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