Monday, 22 December 2008

The talent of success is nothing more than doing what you can do, well.

The talent of success is nothing more than doing what you can do, well. - Henry W. Longfellow.

Fucking ace night. Ami couldn't come but still, Me, Mike, Kurtis & Lauren. =] Wicked. Bowling & Cinema, Inkheart is a fucking ace film & Kurt & Mike are comedic geniuses. I forgot how much i loved them two haha they're brill. :) I have photo's which will be uploaded as soon as my phone battery comes back lol! I fucking loved tonight. Even though we waited in the cold for about an hour for a taxi haha. :) Sorry about the excess swearing but its what happens when i can't express myself properly haha. Peace & love for now.

Lol at James, i can't help but laugh. I rang him up to offer him having Justin from xmas until the following tuesday so that he brings Justin back on the same day he normally does because its fair for him to have Justin for the longer time over christmas because i have Justin for the longer time every week! Now i would much rather spend the time with my son, but this is me trying to be fair and civil and just plain nice, what with it being christmas and all. James, talks to me like i'm being an unreasonable bitch and can't make his mind up and speaks to me like shit acting asif i'm being horrible to him, turns out its because he has plans... I'm not being funny but to spend more time with my son i would cancel every plan i fucking had. Especially around christmas, i mean for fucks sake seriously! Haha but oh well i'm happy 'cuz i've got Justin saturday 27th through till the following Saturday. James' loss. It just proves when i said he was too immature to have a baby i was right. I have a feeling he is going to be one of those dads that is truely exited in the first place and slowly see's his kid less and less and less... You know what, i hope so because Justin certainly dosn't need a role model like that. OH MY FUCKING GOD AND APPARENTLY HE'S CHANGED HIS FUCKLING MILK UP TO EIGHT OUNCES WITHOUT FUCKING CONSULTING ME FIRST FOR FUCKS SAKE THE FUCKLING CUNT I HOPE HE FUCKING BURNS IN HELL I WOULD HAPPILY STAB THAT LITTLE BASTARD FUCKING TWAT! How fucking dare he change Justins milk apparently he's put him up to 8 fucking ounces when i'm not being funny but he didn't seem that hungry with me... Otherwise i would have changed it myself and like when i changed everything else i would have phoned James and spoke to him about it beforehand what a fucking cunt, i hope he dies in the most horrible and painful way. His excuse being "how dare i give him more milk because he's hungry" I'm not being funny, but he wasn't that hungry infact he didn't always finish the seven ounce bottle with me... I can't afford to put him on 8 ounces only for him to only have 6-7 so i'll be keeping him on seven until i feel he needs eight. Cunt. On a brighter note i'm about to upload pictures from last night. Bler, i really like Mike and absoloutly nothing is happening about it, stress. Oh well. Thats life, haha. I'm going to Ami's later to get some drink in with Zoie, good times good times. We got sticker pictures last night, i'm stupidly obsessed with sticker pictures they make me far too happy. lol. Obviously i can't upload them but i can upload all the other pics we took lol. The upload form keeps freezing. sad sad sad.
I can't be bothered to upload anymore because it is taking the piss so i shall love you and leave you with one more photo, that being of me and my little cousin aged... small. lol.I'm the one with the denim jacket and the bob thingy going on. :) hehehehe. Peace & love.

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