Sunday, 21 December 2008

Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.

Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Need to phone Ami in a moment so won't be blogging for long, not sure if she can come out tonight or not now which is a huge shame because i really want everyone to come. :(. Hmmm. Sadness. about two seconds ago i had LOADS to blog about and now i've come on here i can't think of anything. i miss Justin so much, i hate waking up, looking in the moses basket and seeing he isn't there. :'(. Damn. Awh i have the most adorable photo of Bella in a santa hat, i'll upload it later but can't at the moment because i need to make a phone call in a bit and it takes ages to connect my phone to the computer and such. lol. Post secrets today. :)

Ami can't come tonight, which is a shame but we shall live. :) Got my pretty new outfit on, just got my nails & makeup to do. I forgot to say lol, i woke up in santa's grotto this morning, decorations galore with christmas music blaring, despite the lack of festvity when i went to bed last night, twas very odd twas twas there's about 20 santa hats littered around the house also, its merryment and festivity to the extreme and i love it I'm hopping around singing random songs and IT IS FUN. (8)Snow is falling, all around me, children playing, having fun, its the season, love & understanding, merry christmas everyoneeeeeee(8) Oh i'm so merry today. :D BELLA IN A SANTA HAT. How cute.

I just listened to Lou's song on youtube for the first time in ages, i forgot how good it was, i really love it. :) lol. I don't know the girl singing/playing but the lyrics are by my very own bellybum. :D:D

and there it is for your viewing pleasure. I'm still listening to it, which despite being good is bad, i have to go to my nans soon and i have no makeup on or anything of the sort because i am lazy lol right, when it finishes for the hundredth time i will turn it off and go get ready, well not literally, but i mean when it finishes for the like 5th time, which is like, this time. lol. =] *sings along* Bellybum ily. x

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