Sunday, 14 December 2008

Happiness is where we find it, but rarely where we seek it.

Happiness is where we find it, but rarely where we seek it. - J. Petit Senn

Just got in from what i can only describe as a fantastic day. :) Meryy times at Lou's with Lou & Robyn & then Mikes gig, which btw was fucking ace. Like REALLY good. I can't be bothered with too much explaining and photo/video uploading at the moment because i feel stupidly ill (poor me) but yeah. Some army perve nicked my hat about a thousand times (Santa hat i stole off Robyn) & i mean, everyone was robbing it, but he was just being a twat about it & he tried it on with me and Ami, at the same time! Sicko. Eurgh he did my nut in lol & then he fucking went home with it the cunt. Met a nice bloke tonight though, atleast i think, god knows i'll find out soon enough i guess, he walked me over to Ami's from Mikes to get my taxi though which i guess was pretty nice & sorted me fags and proposed lmfao, in a jokey way clearly. Posh bumole haha he's funny with his ribbed gloves lmfao. (the only reason i started talking to him) but turns out he was really nice, everyone was really nice lolz, met Mikes girlfriend too. :) Yawn, i'm exausted, bed time for me i think, night all peace & love.


Blaming my dad entirely i have a cold, again after only having got over one about 3 days ago. How unfair! lol. I feel rough. Awhh bless Kaine he text me last night to make sure i got home okay :) I have pictures of me Lou and Robyn to upload but the recording of Mike is on Ami's phone so i'll have to wait until she comes online for that lol. Post secret today, i almost forgot! lol. They're really good this week.

I think this one is my favorite but it was definately hard to decide! lol.
None is online. That makes me sad. Lol i'm bored, why is noone else up? I want to go out today i think, not go out/get pised/whatever just go out & chill lol. I still can't believe that lil prick robbed my santa hat, it wasn't even mine to be robbed! Fucker. Oh LOL and the cheesyness of this haha.

Mike - "if i had the money i'd be going up town now"
Me - "I want to be nice and lend you money but i'm poor"
Person who's name i can never remember - "You're too beautiful to lend money"

Hahahahaha, pure cheese, lololol. I'm actually too worried too look in my purse after last night, i have a feeling i've done that thing where you don't notice how much you've spent until you get home and realise you have £1.50 left lol. Someone come onnnliiinnneee? lol.
Anyway, fun pic of me Robyn & Lou, i can't upload them all because my phone battery is rapidly dying also because if someone fun dosen't come online/text/call me soon i'm going back to bloody bed lol.

Random thought
Do you think there will ever come a day where every word combination has been used in a song/poem and there is nothing new to write?

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