Saturday, 20 December 2008

If you do not hope, you will not find what is beyond your hopes.

If you do not hope, you will not find what is beyond your hopes. - St. Clement of Alexandra

I would have blogged more yesterday but i was out most of the day and my dad was on the computer when i got home. lol. Met Lou for abit, went to chelmsley met Mike went to his for a while and then went to Ami's for a bit, all in all a rather good day lol. :) Justin clearly loves Mike more than me, well no but still lol. Awh bless Justin when i got to Ami's he had a strop, which for some reason he always does so he was lying on Ami's bed having a merry little natter to himself. Very cute lol. Awh, Mike took the nicest picture of me and Justin yesterday. Its so cute I've put it as my phone background and everything lol. I don't think i actually like it as a picture of me, but i LOVE the picture. Going to town in like an hour and a half with Kirsty, she wants to go to the brook and i need to buy a new dress. :) Long story i shall not go into... lol. Finally got Justin back onto routine and now he's going to his dads today so he's only going to be out of it again in a few hours, aaahh stress beyond stress, oh well.
I love that picture. I'm so happy now days. :) I'm really looking forward to tomorrow, going out with my old besties like old timesssss. Well exited, i think Ami is bringing Cath if she can convince her to come lol. I hope so lol because if not then Ami won't come, sad times sad times. lol. :) I'm off to shower and dress and be normal now lol. Well, as normal as i'll ever be. Which isn't very, i'm going to stop typing now because i'm HAPPPYYYYYYYYYYYYYY so i'll just whitter on and on for days and days if i don't stop, i still haven't stopped, yankee doodle went to town do dah do dah, or however it goes, peace and love my lovely loyal fans. I love you alll. =] ahahaha

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