Monday, 29 December 2008

Never let life's hardships disturb you ... no one can avoid problems, not even saints or sages.

Never let life's hardships disturb you ... no one can avoid problems, not even saints or sages. - Nichiren Daishonen.

My frist blog today, its because its pretend christmas day today because everyone was away for christmas but we were all together today so we opened pressies and had christmas lunch like usual. :) It was lovely. My grandad came over and everything lol. He's brought Justin the cutest little bodysuit it has penguins on :) lol, i dressed him up all cute and smart today aswell but again i canb't find the cable for my phone so i can't show you all the pictures which is a huge shame because they're really building up on my phone now. Its bedtime now and as usual he dosn't like it lol. I had James' friend texting me all last night asking me to go out partying with him, how ridiculous lol. Eastenders in an hour, oh the exitement and suspense is unbearable, okay that was sarcasm but still, i do enjoy eastenders lol. My little sister looks so much older than she did the last time i saw her, its really shocking lol, she has makeup and boobs and stuff, i don't like it, i swear she should still be seven but no she is twelve lol. I'm trying to convince everyone to come out for a nice meal on the 3rd to celebrate the new year, me and Ami are going out anyway so i invited Kurt lol but he said maybe lol. :( I hope he comes i love going out with mates at the moment i think its the only thing keeping me sane while i wait stupid amounts of time to be given somewhere to live, my dad has finally named his price on rent, its ridiculouslylow but thats because i'm giving him my phone as a part payment lmao. Only because Ami said i can buy her old one of her when she gets her new one through though so i will have the same phone as Kurtis lol. I would buy a new one but they're all bloody touch screen now arent they, ridiculous if you ask me haha. I hate touch screens i'm so rubbish with them it's stupid. Its been bloody freezing today, like stupidly so. I'm so full from lunch lol it was fucking lovely, i love christmas dinner. :):) Had to go to the shop three times today first in the morning to get moggys top up voucher but then when she tried to top up after dinner they'd given us the wrong one so we went back to change it and they refused because, well i don't know but they refused to even admit it was their mistake, everyone here is either on orange or 3 but yeah, we really really wanted to spend £10 on a t mobile top up, makes sense dosn't it, so i had a go at the shopkeepers and they've promised to try and do something about it tomorrow but seriously, how fucking stupid! grrrrr. So we went to tesco's and got her a 3 TOP UP. Totally forgetting about the milk we were supposed to buy and the fags i needed so then we had to go back, grr stress. lol. Justin had a proper serious laughing fit earlier it was the cutest thing i have ever seen, until he does something else, lol. But seriously it was adorable, and he has some new toys for christmas he paticulaly likes a tiny red octopus at the moment though and a little blue seahorse, adorable little thing he is. I've taken to calling him munch now as opposed to munchkin because its quicker to say and he giggles every time i do so i figure he likes it lmao. He's having a little conversation with teddybum at the moment, cute little thing was only cheap but he loves it bless him. Ohhh i'm all happy today, i've told moggy i'll take her to a gig or something at some point as a pressie lol. Think i have income support going in tomorrow and when it does thats everything money wise sorted, for now, but soon i have to re apply for dla and then when i get a place it will be all about the grants and housing benefit and such but for now everything's sorted, DAMN OWCH FUCK i just bit my tongue and it fucking hurt. haha. Thats all for now folks, peace and love. x

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