Sunday, 28 December 2008

The history of the world is but the biography of great men.

The history of the world is but the biography of great men. - Thomans Carlyle

Good morning all. I woke up today to find a bunch of messages of James, one was mainly about feet, infact they were all gibberish but i managed to understand the fact that he was offering me £100 to sleep with him, lmfao as if. There's something i'd really like to say about that, but i shan't because i am taking the moral high road or whatever it is, basically i'm refusing to stoop to his level. I've just had the most beautiful bacon sarnie ever, well thats a lie but i just had a really nice bacon sarnie, actually Mikes bacon and egg sarnie yesterday was pretty good. :) I made the tea. *go me whoop* haha. So yeah, now all i can smell is baby stuff and bacon, its wonderful. Haha i went to bed at about 10 last night or some time ridiculously early, i was exausted to be fair. Its really cold today, well i'm really cold anyway. Justin's gone for a nap now He didn't wake up until about 8 this morning, but he didn't sleep well last night really and was yawning his head off after his bottle so i've popped him back down but i'll probably get him up shortly. COLD COLD COLD. Right, i have bottles to wash and cigarettes to smoke and something warm to find to wear so i am off for now love y'all. x

I'm back simply to declare my current love for 12 stones and feeder. lol.
Don't act like an angel, you're falling again.
You're no superhero i found in the end...
and so on, i've already posted this bit of this song like a thousand times, lmfao. but (L) to it.
don't say that you know me
unless you want to stay around
don't say that you know me
Show me, shoot me down
because you know its the only way, to stay
yes you know don't take our love away
our moment can be found
Lol, infact here's an idea...


12 stones.

And obviously EVERYONE loves this one...

Lolz, musical joys.
Love it.

Justin is up now the little chatterbox, he's playing with his feet like a merry ol chap. :) He's getting so biiiggggg, i can't believe it. AWHH. I'm taking him the baba clinic wednesday to get him weighed. :) Fat babyyyyyyyyyyyy. It IS sunday isn't it? Because the post secrets arent up yet and this makes me very sad. :(. Sometimes they don't go up until later though. Still, i'd like to see. I can't find the cable for my phone either so i can't put my beautiful pictures of my beautiful boy up yet. :( I'll ask my brother where it is when he gets out of bed, lazy arse. lol. Then again saying that i've been texting people all morning and the only people that seem to be up are Amber, Kaine and Carly lol. I just had some stilton on biscuits it was lovely but i accidently cut my finger with the stilton knife, silly me. For a reaosn that i do not understand there's about 4 weeks worth of post secrets on the site, but no new ones. (they usually only show one week at a time.) So i'm all confused. I'll check again this afternoon. Right, i'm off for a cigarette and to play with my baby boi and his feet. :):)


So i managed to decipher the messages James sent, apparently he is going to die, and fuck up my life. Or something like that. So i tried ringing him to check my sons dad was you know, alive, and his phones off so i've text him mom but received no reply as of yet. Oh well. I've done all i can. Me and Justin are listening to Boyzonee :) He was yawning his little head off earlier but when i put him to bed he screamed blue murder so i figure he dosn't want to sleep just yet and he's pretty merry and active and smiley and such now. :) lol. I have such lovely pictures of him cuddling his new teddyyyy :) Awhhh. how very cute. I need to run the shop in a bit but i can't be bothered to get dressed and such at the moment, lazyness to the extreme. There's still no post secrets up. How strange is that. I'll check again later i guwess. Bella is walking around the house shouting "oh no" I asked her whats wrong and she said something to do with shoes, and now she's screaming "oh no" again. Now she's saying "whats wrong oh no i've got a crown eating cake" lmaoo i love her shes adorable. Earlier she made me build a tower and when she knocked it over i said oh no you've knocked my tower over and she said "yes, prove it" Awwhhh. I'm exausted today. God knows why i've had loads of sleep. lol.

Still no post secrets, but there was something. this.
and some writing about big post secret news coming in January. BUT NO ACTUAL SECRETS.

Omg people, this is my lil brother & his mates. lolz.

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