Friday, 5 December 2008

I have spread my dreams beneath your feet. Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.

I have spread my dreams beneath your feet. Tread softly because you tread on my dreams. - W. B. Yeats

Can't blog for long this morning. I'm a very busy lady. ;) lol. I love waking up in the morning and seeing Justin. Its amazing. :) I'm so happy today. I'm recording my campaign video in half an hour. I've gone and lost my bloody speech though so I'm going to have to wing it. Lets hope this works... lol. Doctors at ten and then back to the bank. Ohhh i have a busy day ahead of me. :) My dads left Twelve stones on even though he's gone to work now lol. I always forget how good they are.

"Now you're gone.
I moved on,
And I don't feel so sorry.
Can't you see I'm bleeding,
But I won't bleed anymore.
I've held on for so long now,
But I had to let you go,
At the end of our broken road."

Love it 2bf. :). I'm really looking forward to tonight. I want a shower but my brothers been in there for 40 mins. I swear anyone would think he was a woman. I'll have to wait until i get back from the bank i think. Bummer. I'm quite tired this morning actually. Pro plus time i think haha. Oh the old days where i survived on pro plus, Starbucks, vodka and cigarettes lol. Woke up to 6 missed calls off Zoie. I hope it wasn't something really important but I've text her back now anyway so she'll probably text or ring me when she gets up. I don't know what time she gets up mind. Lol at the fact that nowadays i go to bed at 11-12pm and get up at half past 6. Saying that i got up at half five this morning. I don't know why, i just, woke up. Lol Justin was fine, fast asleep so it wasn't him that woke me lol. He's supposed to have gone back to sleep now but i think he's still awake bless him. He's not crying or anything, just lying there all happy and awake. :) I hope my brother hurries up. I need to do my hair and makeup before 8! lol. I've come out in some horrific acne of the chin. I don't know why/how. Its truly upsetting lol. Hence why i need the makeup really. I have very little cigarettes left also. Which is rather sad considering I'm skint as a bint. Zoie's taking about 4 times the money i am tonight!!! lol. I'm going to feel so poor compared. Its a shame i can't go to Manchester with them tomorrow but i don't really mind much. I'd rather spend my last few hours of the week with Justin, with Justin. :) lol. Awhhh, i wanna go get him up for a cuddle but he really should get some sleep. If he's still awake once I've done my hair and makeup which should be soon *yells up to brother* lol then I'll get him up. :) You know, i might start adding video's to this. Like a merry video blog thing. Only with writing too? What do you think? I don't know really. Why am i answering my own questions. Damn me. Awwwh bless Bella's singing "I'm a dingle dangle scarecrow" How cute. You know, 59% of my viewers are from the UK. I wasn't expecting that to be honest. Ooh oh oh my brothers out now. Off i go, tatty byes for now but you all know I'll update later. :)

See told you I'd update later. It isn't much later... Lol Laura's running late and apparently the students recording it might get here sooner than her... Oh deary me lol. I still don't know what I'm going to say. I THINK i have the general gist of it though. Well, we will see what happens. Its COLD COLD COLD today. Its been colder, but its still bloody cold! lol. Shiver shiver shiver. Kirsty's put the boots i wanted to borrow off her on eBay!!! lol. I have two more reviews today so here they are... so, you want larger text? You got it, I'll change that now. :) So, new larger text, what do you all think? Lol, Laura & the students still aren't here! its 8:45 now! I've got the doctors at 9:50!!! lol. Oh dear oh dear. Well then, I'm going to go for a cigarette while i wait. (I bet they turn up as i spark up!)

Couldn't do my video today because everyone was so late and i had the doctors at 10. So I'm doing it next Wednesday instead now i think. :) Been to the doctors and the bank so I've nothing to do now until later because i don't think Lou is meeting me now, well she's not text me back. Just had a wonderful sing song with Eileen, Justin & Bella. :) But I'm trying to remember the words to the song me and Ami used to sing all the time. The one that goes "there was a boy, do do do do do do do, and a girl, do do do do do do do.... I can't for the life of me remember it though i know it has something to do with sharks. lol. Justin's gone to bed now 'cuz he was yawning like mad but as always he's wide awake now I've put him down and i think he may be having a little strop but Bella's doing the exact same so i can't really hear over her... lol. Confused. I'll go check hang on. Nope he was being wonderful but he had been a little bit sick lol, I've put his toy over the basket for a bit though to entertain him in case he changes his mind about being tired haha. bless him. I have new pictures also. He's being a dinosaur today. :) :) how cute.

Had James texting me telling me that when we finally can get this divorce he's going to fight it! How ridiculous? That will only make it more expensive for the both of us. Its stupid, i don't want to be with him and him making things harder for me isn't exactly going to change that is it? I mean really come on. So i told him that and he hasn't spoken to me since. Fine by me if I'm honest. :) As long as he picks Justin up at 2 on Saturday and brings him back for his jabs Tuesday morning then it's all good with me. :) Well, actually I'd rather him not pick him up. But obviously I'm not going to deprive Justin of his dad. I'd just rather spend more time with him. :( Oh well, what can you do ey. Its a shame, the way things worked out. I do know though that its SO much better for me to be out of that sham of a relationship being both happy and sad rather than in it pretending to be happy. *sighs* Life, lol. Everyone's getting tattoo's makes me jealous 'cuz i can't get mine yet. I know what I'm having though. Ami drew it out haha. I think I've lost it though but i shall find it soon and upload a picture of it. Its two wings with Justin & his date of birth written in the middle and I'm having it in between my shoulder blades... ish... :)

Good night tonight. Cba with the details though. It was good. Everyones sending me friend of the year award things so i want to do one.
Best newcomer friend award - Robyn.
Best "back in my life" friend award - Ami & Zoie.
Bravest friend award - And i'm not sure about this one so i'll get back to you.
Best advice award - Amber
Friends for life award - Kirsty.
Most inspirational friend award - Louisa
Always cheers me up friend award - Ian.

Ly all.

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