Thursday, 4 December 2008

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. - Eleanor Roosevelt

I didn't write last night which is a bit sad because yesterday was quite eventful. I was really really ill. Like physically sick, so i went to bed at 9pm! lol so here's a quick brief of yesterday before i start today's blog.

As eve
ryone knows i went to the bank... got my money out without a problem. Turns out Zoie didn't meet James and Reese last night, but she was supposed to, so Reese threatened to blow up her house. So then i had a go at Reese which somehow turned into a full scale war, like seriously world war 3. It was bloody ridiculous & then he agreed to just leave it so that was all sorted and i was supposed to meet James so i could pay him the £72 for my phone bill only he decided to "accidentally" send me a text meant for Reese wittering on about how he had cars on standby in case i had people with me to get James done over... If i wanted to get James done over i would have by now, all of you that know me KNOW that for certain but whatever. So i decided i didn't want to met James because 2bf i need to think bout my son and i don't really think its a good idea to get done over while I'm trying to look after my son... make sense? I thought so. James decides this isn't fair at all and starts some full scale huge huge huge row. So i meet him anyway after realising that James knows... no one. Lol. And he's still being a stroppy fuck but I'm like whatever. Bumped into Sydney in chelmsley :) Her hair looks really fit, its long and black with pink in, very pretty. Finally met her fella as well lol. :) Was nice to see her 'cuz i rarely do lol. Then i went to meet my cousin Laura and we had a merry chat, met her fella too but only briefly. Awh Tyra is so beautiful (that's her babi) During this time James is still texting me trying to continue a row so i told him to just leave it and then my battery died. We went to go to Jackie's but every ones ill with the flu. :(:( So we went to grandads instead and my nans sister was there, so that was really lovely. We had a really nice time and merry chats, we spoke a lot about my nan and how she loved Christmas and stuff. It was sad but also really nice. I'm going to take Justin up to the cemetery when he's a bit bigger. Until then though I'll just go while James has him. Talking about James, when i got home and turned my phone on i had thousands of messages about how James was going to "go shopping with the £72 and not pay my bill" and how he was dying and then some more about how i was heartless and had no feelings and didn't care because i was ignoring him and well basically just a lot of nasty stuff. I text him when my phone was on saying "actually my battery died" I think he felt a little sheepish then but whatever. It's annoying having to be civil to someone who constantly starts arguments with you for no reason. I'm happy to be nice and friendly and civil towards him provided he acts the same towards me and for some reason he doesn't think its fair that if he treats me like shit i react to that and treat him the same. But whatever, its just all getting a bit broken record for me now. Boring. Oh and lol at how two faced his family are. Telling me that we're a really good couple and shouldn't split up and trying to get us to sort things out and stay together (just before we split up) and now telling James that i was never right for him and he can do so much better and la la la la. It really genuinely makes me laugh. I feel sorry for them. Lol at the James can do better part mind. They don't even know me. They just know what James has said... Hmmm, no wonder they think he can do better. In all fairness though James was really nice while i was ill last night because Justinwas being a little terror and wouldn't go to sleep and he did offer to come down for a bit even though it would have been pointless and no help whatsoever, it was nice to offer. Lolz. Okay yesterday/rant over and onto today.

The health visitor is coming over at 11. :) Luckily i feel much better today because i have lots of things to do lol. Robyn's coming over at 3 but I'm not meeting Lou today anymore meeting her tomorrow instead i think. I hope so, i need her ID lol. Justin woke up late for his feed today, which doesn't surprise me considering he didn't go to sleep until about half 8 as opposed to his normal 7pm. I was getting a little concerned because he hadn't done a poo since i had him back Tuesday and usually does at least one a day but he's certainly made up for it t
his morning. :) Joy of all joys. (that was sarcasm) Boo, its pissing it down and i really want a cigarette... I can't believe its Thursday already. This week has gone so stupidly fast. Next thing i know it'll be Saturday and ill have to give Justin to James. :(:( I'm not looking forward to it. Saturday night promises to be a good one though, provided i can get away with Lou's ID anyway if not i shall remove my wig and hope for the best! lol. God knows what I'm going to wear though. Shorts or skirt? hmmmm.... Lol. Also i was told yesterday that Child benefit and Tax credits are only paid on Tuesdays so i imagine that means I'll have to wait until next Tuesday at the earliest for my payment... Bummer. How many Tuesdays are there before Christmas? 3 would be the answer to that. I imagine it will all be sorted by then. But then again I've got half the people i know (that have had anything to do with tax credits and such) telling me it took them ages like months and months but then the other half are telling me it took them a week or two! Grrr, why can i never be one of the people things are really simple for? Lol. Bummer. Still no email either but I'm not really expecting that just yet. I doubt I'll have any post though, like i said yesterday it doesn't usually come until about 11. I hate waiting lol. After getting my money in Tuesday and paying everything i have to pay except my rent because i still don't know how much is wanted... I am left with a little over £59 pounds. I owe Cathryn £7, i still need to buy 2 packs of nappies but I'll buy a box of three for £11.99 from asda or something. So that's £18.99 out of whats left Leaving me with £40 which i imagine will be my rent. Bummer. Oh dear. Well, This is not good. awh i just went upstairs to get my glasses and when i started coming down stairs Bella said "bubi cya" bless her, i didn't even know she was up. Awh shes adorableeeee.

Health visitor still isn't here... Why can no one be on time nowadays? *stress* & Zoie's moved her birthday celebration to Friday so i can't go cuz I've got Justin. :( Its a shame, but ill see if she wants to meet up Saturday anyway :) Justin's sleepy the poor thing but he can't get to sleep because he's currently doing a big poo. Haha which makes him very unhappy. Then again he seems to have settled off a bit no
w. (i spoke to soon) Can't believe the health visitor is so late, she phoned me at half 9 to make sure i knew she was coming at 11 as well. I've phoned the doctors and they've said she's probably on her way but they have nothing to do with it, bummmer because i don't think i have her personal number. Lets hope she's here by 12 atleast. Robyn's coming over at 3 i think. lol.

Health visitor turned up at 12 and woke mr sleepybum up so i've just got him back off to sleep now, atleast i did but he seems to be wingey again... Poor little darling. :). I'm well sad about Zoie's birthday, its a shamee. I think i might go out saturday anyway though. :) lol 'cuz i'm cool like that. Poor Justin is having a right go for it but he's yawning his little head off. Blessums. Ew James just told me he's getting contacts ew. I hate them. Ew imagine poking yourself in the eye every day. Christ. Awh i took the lil un out for a walk and had a lovely chicken and bacon pasta salad too. :) Poor thing he's really clingy this afternoon i've got him on my lap now. :) Bless him, he likes the typing sound. :). Awh, i'm well happy today. :D Just waiting for Robyn. Gunna miss eastenders tonight, but i'll watch it at ten, so noone ruin it for me. Really looking forward to UKYP tonught too. :) I'm really sad about Zoie's birthday thing, i mi
ght ask my dad to baby sit, but idk, i'll feel bad 'cuz i went out last friday... lol. Well i'll talk to Zoie first, see if she wants to do something saturday too. Lets hope sooo. :) Lol at the amount of people that read my blog, i'm so proud. :D

Apparently Zoie's going out friday instead because her and Amiare going to the Gay village in Manchester saturday night & she's just invited me so i said i'll come to one of the nightss if i can. Obviously friday depends on babysitterosity though lol.

Ukyp was wicked today. We went bowling. :) How fun. I think i was the worst out of everything but hey, good times good times. :D lol. Justins screaming the place down because i had to wake him up to get him out the carseat and now he can't get back to
sleep. lol. Had him weighed today. 14.2 :). Me and Ian have decided to go skydiving together haha. :) He's so lovely, always cheers me up. :) Haha. Oh and LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL at James perving on Zoie. Hahahaha All men are bloody ridiculous and suck, exept Josh, but i'm only saying that because he told me to... haha. No more UKYP now until next year. Tis sad, I think we should all meet up some time anyway. Sadly then we'd have to pay for our own taxi's and such. lol :(. cba to write much more at the moment but might do later so for now i'll love ya and leave ya. xxx Oh and another thing. My dad said he will babysit tomorrw. EXCITMENT. :D But only after Justin has gone to bed, so i can't leave until about 8-9... Unless he's good, but he hasn't been for the past 2 days so... But you never know.

New rev
iews so i thought i'd post them up. Only 2 though. :). I'm thinking of going to a baby massage group with Justin and there's a group for moms and babys aged 0-12 months. The health visitor was telling me about them today. I wasn't sure what they did near me so its nice to know that there are things. :) I want to get him more involved with other babys to be honest, so he can interact and stuff. I'll maybe see if Zoie wants to have another little get together with him and chloe soon. Did i ever upload the picture of him and chloe? Its the most beautiful thing i've ever seen... Hang on i'll get the link now. :) Isn't it adorable. They're holding handss. I think i did already post this. But its deffinately cute enough to post it again. :)

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