Sunday, 7 December 2008

Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for that is the stuff life is made of.

Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for that is the stuff life is made of. - Benjamin Franklin

Oh my, look at the time and this is my first entry for my 06.12.08 blog so only the early birds/night owls will read this one. Its a shame. I didn't blog this morning because i spent the entire morning playing with my lovely boy and singing Christmas songs, he particularly liked Rudolph the red nosed reindeer which i guess is good because i think its the only one i know all the way through. :) I somehow ended up singing "Ive got a lovely bunch of coconuts" though and i have no clue how, also if anyone could tell me how it gets from "big ones smalls ones some as big as your head" to "there goes me wife the idol of me life singing roll a-bowl a ball a penny a pitch" I'd be pretty happy because they're the only bits i can remember lol. I have new pictures of Justin :) He wasn't being an animal today though, just stripey and yellow. :)

Isn't he amazing. :) Just thinking about him makes me the happiest I've ever been. :) Every time i see him it makes me happier than the last time. :) Awhh. I miss him. James picked him up about half 2 today. :'(:'( I won't see him again now until like 12ish Tuesday and only so early because he has his jabs. :( Poor thing. I hate to think my little mans being hurt. :( awhh. Good for him though, i know he needs them, its just sad. :(. Anyway, so after James picked him up i... went to bed! How terrible is that, i slept until about 7pm. Lazy lazy lazy woman! so that's why there's been no blogging joy, sorry you all missed your fix hope i didn't leave you with headaches and the shakes! lol ly all. Actually i say i slept till 7pm but i stupidly forgot to give James the carseat when he picked Justin up so i had to get up when he came back down for it later at about 6 or something, but i went back to bed for an hour lol. Went to the cinema and for a meal tonight, was lovely :) Saw 4 Christmases which was actually quite funny, I'm desperate to see the new Adam Sandler film coming out and the new Jim Carey film. I'm a big fan of both. Lol at the taxi driver who dropped me home though, i had music on on the way so clearly due to my merry mood today i was singing along and as i got out he said "your singing is very sexy" anyone who knows me mind knows this is not the case! haha. Bless him. I THINK someones phone just went off... at this time!!!! Omg and again! Christ almighty... AND AGAIN! The upsetting thing is Eileen answered it the first time and said "sorry wrong number" bloody hell. So anyway on the subject of Christmas, has everyone got their tree's up now? We haven't got ours up yet, well i say we my dad hasn't got his up yet. Nowhere to put it at the moment both of the prams are in the way lol. What is the appropriate date to put Christmas stuff up anyway? Because it really isn't far away now. You know, even with all the TV advertisements and the decorations everywhere. I don't feel especially Christmassy this year. I'm usually counting down the days, hours, mins and seconds by now. I'm looking forward to it loads, but it doesn't feel very festive yet. How strange. I'm really trying to fight the urge to check my bank. I checked it on Friday so i know there's going to be nothing in there. But still. I refuse to check until Tuesday! that is my final say on the matter. I wonder if they've put the new post secrets up yet? Sometimes they're up on a Saturday afternoon. Hang on no course they haven't I'd get a little update because i subscribed :) That's how cool i am. :) Oh this makes me laugh...

I saw it randomly while i was browsing through photo bucket and thought I'd post it up for the hilarity. You know what music video i saw earlier the one where pink chucks a motorbike through who i assume is her ex's window! i haven't seen that in bloody ages it was funny. And the FURB video. I enjoy them both greatly lol. :). You know I'm actually quite tired now, i might have a cigarette and go to bed. Got to meet Lou early in the morning! Haha, i have a sexy singing voicee hahahaha, how funny, i can't get over that, LOLZLOLZLOLZ. Night all ly all. xxx

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