Thursday, 11 December 2008

The future depends on what we do in the present.

The future depends on what we do in the present. - Mahatma Gandhi

Good morning all. I'm feeling much better this morning, not that anythings changed at all, I'm just trying not to think about it all. Justin's ever so tired this morning. Yawning his little head off god knows why, bless him. So I've put him back down for a little nap but he doesn't seem to like it. There's something he really doesn't like about bed time/nap time/my brothers bedroom. I have no clue what. Poor thing, I'll take him out in the pram instead or something so he can get a little nap maybe? God knows. I hope i get a place soon. Justin will be too big for his basket soon probably in a matter of weeks and i have no idea what I'll do then because there's no room for a cot here, not even a travel cot. Well he definitely doesn't want to sleep now so he's sat on my lap being cute. :) I put him on his tummy to play earlier, he doesn't like it lol but he can lift his little head up with his arms and such, its adorable. Awh i love him so much. :) I can't help but wish things were different though, not that i didn't have him, he's the best thing that has ever happened in my life just that, i don't know, James had been the person i thought he was instead of the person he turned out to be or something? I don't know. Hmmm. Might go for a walk anyway i need to get some cigarettes but that can wait a bit i guess. :) Hoping the post will come today, but it probably wont. Well I'm sure post will come, but probably not mine... lol.

I'm at my nans at the moment printing out the claim form for DLA i was going to fill it in online but i don't have all the details i need with me. But should be able to get it all sorted soon now. Justin's downstairs with my nan lol. Him and my grandad were just having a tongue sticking out competition. haha. It was adorable. This claim form is like 80 pages long and all over the floor at the moment due to it flying out of the printer haha. I'm starving... James is ignoring me which usually would be a blessing but i need to ask him how many mins I've got left on my phone because it wont let me check on the phone and i don't know any user names or passwords or anything to check online also i might be at Lou's this Saturday depending on if she's in London or not so i need to let him know he might have to pick Justin up from there, I've sent him texts and left him voice messages but does he get back to me? No. Well, its his problem if he turns up at my dads Saturday only to find I'm not there isn't it. Can't say i didn't try to tell him. Turns out i was lying, its only 58 pages long. My grandads going to run out of paper/ink. Its taking the bloody mick! lol. and then I've got to find a stapler big enough and strong enough to staple it together and then I've got to find the money to post it, its that heavy its going to cost a bloody bomb. Grrr. Printer is running out of iiiinnnnkkkkk. I have about 14 pages left to print. I hope the printer works that long. I'll check exactly how much ink is left...

That much apparently, but the writing is getting more and more blurred and pencil like... Luckily there's only 3 pages left now, so hopefully it will last enough. I'm really not confident about this though i don't know that its going to be usable lol. Damn, well lets hope so it looks OKAYISH at the moment and this is the penultimate page. DONE, thank fuck, this should be okay i think. Thank the lord for that. x

Heyyy Still being ignored by James so it seems but i'm definately at Lou's saturday, so its his loss if he goes to the wrong place because he cba to speak to me... Pfft. Its bloody cold. Justin went to sleep perfect tonight because i left a lamp on, told you it was the dark! bless his little cotton socks, not that he has any on. Going to the job center tomorrow and meeting Carly so that should be really nice. :) I've not seen her in a couple of months. Brrrrr, i'm FREEZING. Oh my i'm really really cold, i'm quite hungry too but i'm not sure what i want really, hmmm. Well, i'm quite tired tonight anyway and noone seems to be online so i might just go to bed. Well, have a cigarette and go to bed. :) Peace and love. x

LMFAO at James apparently his mom is picking Justin up on saturday because James is too busy meeting friends "my son is important too me" "i hate not seeing him" "I want to spend time with my son" "but now i'm too busy meeting friends" LMFAOO. Am i the only one that finds this all a little bit ridiculous/cunt like? and YES i know you're all reading this and i think you're all fucking hilarious, not in a good way, how pathetic. Thankyou and goodnight. =]

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