Friday, 12 December 2008

They can because they think they can.

They can because they think they can. - Virgil

I always feel happier in the mornings :) Something about waking up and getting to cuddle with my beautiful boy. Going to the job center and to see Carly in a bit. Hopefully some good will come of the job center thing and obviously I'm going to enjoy seeing Carly, not much to write really, i made up a merry song last night at bath time but i can't remember it, Justin liked it though lol. :) Oh and i had a really odd dream last night, everyone in the world decided to line up so we made a huge ring around the whole world and then someone wrote a page about themselves in a pad and passed it on until everyone had and it took days and it was all for charity and then we published the book and it was really good. :) Lol at myself really. haha. Justin's very merry and happy this morning pulling faces, well more so just sticking his tongue out but still... lol. New reviews today. On this website i have 6 fans! How cool is that, and i have 2 people following on here and a few subscribers and then there's other people reading it who haven't subscribed/followed or bookmarked it. That's really cool. Who'd have thought people would want to read what i have to say ey? Omg yea i forgot, as if Woolworth's is closing! Can you believe it? I can imagine the sale will be fantastic though, shame i have no money, hang on, damn i wanted to buy a few things from Woolworth's when my money came through, its going to be shut!?!?! I can't believe its shutting forever, well, if no one buys it that is, how shocking, i love Woolworth's lol.

This might be me being overly optimistic but things may be looking up on the money/housing front, i got my child benefit number through in the post today, hopefully this will be the thing that speeds it all along. :) Lets hope. I've phoned child tax credits and gave it too them and i've got to go to the housing once i've been to the job center to pick up a form so i'll show Naomi the letter then. :) Ohh cheery me. On an entirely different note i've fallen in love with two new songs and i plan to put the videos up in a second if i can find them on youtube. lol. Sadness at the embedding disabled by request okay, well the first, isn't THAT new but it is new, its The script - break even. :) and here's the link as it wont let me embed it :) and the second is Lilly Allen the fear and this one can be embedded so here we go. :)

Right, now i'm off to the job center. :) peace and love from a very happy girlie. :)

I had a really wonderful day today :) Went to see Carly, went to the job center, went to connexions it was bloody brilliant. :) Justins been a perfect little munchin all day. :) Awhhh I saw Carly's nieces today and omg have they grown, the last time i saw them was that Christmas i stayed at Carly's and Lauren was about 2 and Maegan was pretty much new born lol now they're 2 and four, its shocking, awh they're so so so beautiful bless they've made me all broody, i want a little girl now, i won't ovcourse but still haha. There really isn't too much to say i'm just overly happy :) Someone opposite Carly is moving out on wednesday though so hopefully i'll get that place, i hope. That would be bloody good. Every time i see Carly i get genuinely depresed at the fact that she's so tiny haha i'm stupidly jealous! oh well, i'll lose all the weight soon enough, i hope. Here's a beautiful picture of a beautiful boy lying on his tummy :)

Peace & love from an even happier girlie. :)

I just found what i believe to be the funniest spoof ever.


  1. If you know of a council place becomming available you can inform them and request to be considered for it, you never know your luck

  2. Oh yes, thankyou, i will call them first thing monday. :)

  3. Wow, fantastic blog! I'm a student midwife and it's really great to get an inside look into your life with a baby. He is absolutely adorable, you must be so proud!

    haha, that video was so funny!