Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Respect everyone each person you meet is better than you at something and has a lesson to teach you.

“Respect everyone each person you meet is better than you at something and has a lesson to teach you.” - Cindy Francis

Good morning world. :) Is it just me or am i usually cheerier if i wake up early? I tried getting an early nights sleep last night but i simply could not sleep. I was in bed at 10pm but somehow didn't get to sleep until about 1am. I only got out of bed once at 12pm for a cigarette. How shocking, still I'm merry this morning. Though when i woke up it was one of those things where you don't remember going to sleep at all but if you didn't then time must have skipped ahead about 5 hours without you noticing so you know... lol. Zoie & James met up last night, or i think they did... I'm not entirely sure. They wee going to, and Zoie said he was apparently coming down to see her when she text me about 10-11 so i imagine they did, god knows but i woke up this morning with a text from Reese off James' phone asking me to do him a favour sent at about half 2am and a text from James asking me to text him as soon as i got up sent at around half 4am, so I'm slightly concerned... lol I text him back when i woke up at half 6 but no reply so far. I text Zoie as well asking if she did meet up with him or not lol but again no reply. :s How peculiar. lol. Anyway i decided last night that there has been so many times where I've felt betrayed by someone because they've read my diary or told a secret of mine or something of the sort, so I've decided that from now on i have no secrets, everything can go in here. Everything. I can't be bothered to tell some people one thing and other people other things. So from now on, everything is out in the open. I figure its going to make life much easier. I'm not saying I've spent my life being a liar, i haven't I despise lying and i rarely do it but obviously there have been certain things i haven't told certain people and things like that... but now i figure, if you can't tell ALL your best friends everything, then well, your fucked really lol.

I am so bored, like seriously bored. Justin should be up in ten mins so that's good, but I'm still BORED! I have been since like half 8, nothing to do lol. I've done literally everything i need to do today bar go to the bank which i can't do until Justin's got up and been fed, not that the bank is open until 10 anyway. So in ten mins i shall feed and change my lovely boy and see if the snowsuit i have fits, it looks a little small but its so icy today i don't really want to take him out without one so i hope it does, if not its blankets galore lol. Well, i say blankets galore, i have 3. A small one, a medium one and a big one. I imagine that will keep him warm enough... I don't know, i might not take him if the snowsuit doesn't fit. I do need to get nappies and milk though. and pay my phone bill. So i really do need to go to the bank... Damn, I'll work something out. It will probably fit anyway. :) I hope. So far no post today, but then again the post doesn't usually come on a weekday until about 11am. But then again again no more money has gone into my bank so i imagine i won't receive a letter from child benefit or child tax credits today. I checked my email as well, so far no reply from the online child benefit query thing. But they did say it could take up to 20 working days depending on the complexity of the question... lol. Soon, i hope. I imagine its been long enough now that i should receive something this week even if its just a letter telling me ill get my money next month or something ridiculous. If i don't claim for DLA again soon though I'm going to be fucked if my money still isn't coming through. My next payment is my last, in four weeks. So i need to claim but the bloody online form won't work. Actually I'll try again now, Actually i wont have time because Justin will be up in five, I'll do it when i get back from the bank though. :)

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