Monday, 8 December 2008

As I grow to understand life less and less, I learn to love it more and more.

As I grow to understand life less and less, I learn to love it more and more. - Jules Renard

Good morning everyone. No post today so i guess that means no money tomorrow. I'm getting a little stressed waiting for it. Especially with Christmas coming up. Pfft. What am i going to do ey. I was hoping it would al be sorted by christmas but i have the feeling its not going to be done now until early into the new year, atleast i hope early into the new year, knowing my luck i'll still be waiting this time next year. Lets hope things happen fast yeah? Nothing much to blog about as of yet, i'm rather bored. Supposed to be meeting Mike later and maybe seeing Ami also, god knows. I'll keep you posted, peace & love. x :)

I just called the child tax credits office... Apparently they're having trouble matching up the details and are going to send me a form to fill in and send back along with Justin's birth certificate and once they've received that it will take another 3 weeks! So now i'm phoning the child benefit office and i think i've listened to an entire symphony whilst on hold. Apparently its going to take a minimum of 8 more weeks! Do these people not fucking realise i have a fucking baby to feed! Why the fuck else would i be claiming this. I can't claim anything else until these two are fucking sorted! 8 fucking weeks! THAT'S FUCKING FEBRUARY! For fucks sake! I stop getting my fucking DLA in 3 weeks! I'm going to have fucking nothing how am i going to feed my fucking baby i've already got one fucking crisis loan for fucks sake! Looks like i'm going to be fucking living on them! For fucks sake! I should have a fucking place by then too so i'm going to have rent and bills to fucking pay aswell as a baby to feed, not even thinking about myself! FOR FUCKS SAKE. This just isn't even funny. FUCKING HELL! I'm so pissed off right now its untrue. Now i'm trying once again to fill in the DLA form. That will probably take about 6 months in itself! and thats if it dosn't freeze the computer again! OMG! :@ Yup, it froze. I'm going to have to ring my nan and go down there to fill it out! Ffs. By the time my money comes through i'll be owed £1458!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And that isn't including the DLA or the Income support. My nan isn't in, how wonderful. I have no clue what on earth i am going to do for the next eight weeks. I really don't. There's 11p in my bank my last lot of DLA is due on the 29th and then i'm fucked. Lets hope i get money for my birthday ey? Ffs.

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