Sunday, 23 November 2008

The young man who has not wept is a savage, and the old man who will not laugh is a fool.

The young man who has not wept is a savage, and the old man who will not laugh is a fool. -Confucius

As if I've only just gotten up, i did go out last night, had a pretty good time, didn't get drunk though, i didn't even drink. I'm way too ill for that lol. Oh my god, you will only understand how funny this is if you know me, so once I've told you what happened i will explain... Paul took me home from Ami's last night. Okay and now to explain to everyone that doesn't know me. On my 16th birthday me and some friends went bowling in star city and our taxi driver was Paul, he gave us his personal number so we could be sure to get a taxi home and we just started using his taxi more and more often until it was practically the only one we used, and we used to go out a lot, in taxi's. Then me and Paul had a bit of a thing going on, nothing major happened like, a lot of flirting but then all of a sudden he stopped speaking to all of us, well all of us bar Kurtis and me and Ami haven't heard of him since this time last year... and all of a sudden he turns up as the taxi driver to take me home last night. Apparently he's sorry & thinks about me a lot. lol. Oh lol, that really did make my day, how funny. ahahahahahaha. I only have one cigarette left and i really can not be bothered to go down and buy some, i look horrific and I'm too ill/lazy. I have a video from last night i want to put up but i think I'll have to edit it a bit first as turns out neither me Ami or Zoie can record things well. So that's all for now. ;)

I miss Justin so much, :( :( :( :(. Its not fair, i hate hate hate hate hate not getting to see him all the time, its horrible. I might even contemplate getting back with James just so i get to see Justin all the time, no I'm joking, but i wish there was a way i could, i hate missing him. :( I finally edited the video, took forever, most of it was cack so now its basically just me, Ami and Zoie singing songs and Zoie getting her arse out for the world to see, how exiting. :) Uploading it to youtube now and we all know how long that takes so I'll post it laaaaattttteeeeerrrrrr.

The video is uploaded now but its just processing and I'm going to Ami's so I'll be back to put it on here later. :) James apparently can't stick to a routine and has already messed Justin's routine up, I've told him to get back onto it, it isn't fair that i have to give him a new routine every week because James cba to put in the effort to stick to one. He seems to be convinced that whenever he cries its because he's hungry and doesn't take into account that he could be wet, dirty, uncomfortable, bored, tired, lonely, wanting a cuddle, wanting his dummy or have wind... Grrr, ffs its just annoying, and when i say well he sticks to it with me blah blah blah he goes on, oh well why don't you come and show me what to do while my sons screaming his lungs out... ffs. Grrrr.

Oh i love Sundays, post secret fun. :) & then i went t Ami's and looked through her post secret book, then we looked at some on her computer, and then some merry graffiti secret things. :) Then we decorated cigarettes with sharpies and are afraid we may get ink poisoning if we smoke them. I wonder if wikipedia has the answer. :) lols. I'm so merry atm. you know what i really fancy, a piss up and one of those long deep and meaningful chats about the meaning of life and other ridiculous things, i love those, its been a while, god they're great. you know something, it would just be nice in general to have someone to talk to about stuff like that all the time, like about everything and anything and nothing. Not like just friends but you know? Am i making any sense? lol, i am to me, well whatever, it'd be nice anyway.
Here's the video from last night anyway.

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